Baddfish – Shortness Of Breath 2 [Beat Tape] [2019]

Baddfish – Shortness Of Breath 2 [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Stream) 01. Haze02. Valentines Day Massacre03. Number 2 Pencil04. Angel05. Romantic Fallout06. Can I bum a smoke07. Ur Trippin Dawg08. Interlude09. Speeding In Reverse10. ok wow11. Fifty Nine Fifty12. That One Night In Pittsburgh13. Maybe Tomorrow14. Gouda (Preview)Baddfish – Shortness …

Remulak – Scrambled Eggs [Beat Tape] [2019]

Remulak – Scrambled Eggs [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Triple Cross02. All Jam03. Pie Man04. Future Perfect05. Jazz Delights06. Overview07. Kick Back08. Get Started09. Section 2210. Being Dumb11. White Sands (Preview)Remulak – Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs by Remulak Also Available On: Scrambled Eggs (Limited Edition Cassette Tape)

Naturwavs. – Naturwavs Vol.2 [Compilation] [2019]

Naturwavs. – Naturwavs Vol.2 [Compilation](Click Cover To Stream) 01. 00:00 – 02:36 @mc_pote – idk02. 02:37 – 04:31 @djalve – maybe03. 04:35 – 06:22 @dismembered_mind – chilling pipes04. 06:25 – 08:44 @alfns – chopstiks05. 08:50 – 10:45 @ffffflxght – Summer preachers06. 10:46 – 12:54 @sweet_guri – too fly 207. 12:55 …

AwareNess – Sushi Wave [Instrumental Album] [2019]

AwareNess – Sushi Wave [Instrumental Album](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Sensei02. Sora03. Seven Says Sayonara (feat. Kool Keith)04. Stop Killing Dolphins05. Sans Sashimi06. Samurai Shodown07. Sakura (Preview)AwareNess – Sushi Wave Sushi Wave by AwareNess This album is mostly instrumental. Featuring the legendary Kool Keith and his newest alter-ego is “Robot …

pax – Because We’re Old [Beat Tape] [2018]

pax – Because We’re Old [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. because we’re young02. LaLa03. btwn04. your old place05. thedaywemet06. marisa (interlude)07. millbrae08. poolbodie09. thewaywewas10. latebloomers11. nathan4me [wednesday]12. because we’re old13. my way (bonus) (Preview)pax – Because We’re Old Because We’re Old by pax Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette