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01. Premices
02. Insurrektion
03. Wild Horses
04. Life
05. Massacre
06. Harmony
07. Stop Crying
08. Crazy Melody
09. Compassion
10. Kiss of Death
11. Urban Ugliness
12. The Silent Flute
13. Funky Kekra
14. Other


Also Available On: Legacy of Rage “Limited Edition vinyle 12″ (10 tracks)” or Legacy of Rage “limited Edition cassette”

Directed and mixed by Raan, mastered by CCKprod (digital version and cassette). Vinyl mastered by DB master pro. Artwork Sinok426. executive producer Dj Kekra.


Stallitix – Late Night Tape [E.P.] [2017]

Stallitix – Late Night Tape [E.P.]
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01. LNT 1
02. LNT 2
03. LNT 3
04. LNT 4

Stallitix – Late Night Tape


Dros – Nature Of The Beat Vol​.​I [Beat Tape] [2017]

Dros – Nature Of The Beat Vol​.​I [Beat Tape]
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01. Brass
02. Cinematic
03. Eastern
04. Frenzied
05. Hazy
06. Action
07. Evil
08. Jazz
09. Bass
10. Frantic
11. Regal
12. Parlor
13. Calm
14. Lounge
15. Seedy
16. Outro

Dros – Nature Of The Beat Vol​.​I


Jinx Styles – Jinstrumentals Vol​.​1 [Instrumentals] [2018]

Jinx Styles – Jinstrumentals Vol​.​1 [Instrumentals]
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01. Travels of the Mind
02. The Thump
03. Space
04. Gone…. Not Forgotten
05. Cold Streets
06. Unify
07. Beauty in the Pain
08. Battle for Mandlelore
09. Flow On
10. That Old Boom Bap…
11. For You
12. Prototype
13. Just Me
14. Jinstyle
15. Sunday Mornings
16. Destruction
17. Life in the Clouds
18. Go With The Flow
19. Flight or Fight
20. Nightmares
21. Life
22. What You Need
23. 23 From Mow Cop to Mars
24. One for All
25. Apex Predator
26. Gladiator
27. Round and Round
28. Outro

Jinx Styles – Jinstrumentals Vol​.​1


THE NEW LAW – A Bull in the Woods [Instrumental Album] [2018]

THE NEW LAW – A Bull in the Woods [Instrumental Album]
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01. Death Another Day
02. Mask of Abaddon
03. Lusus Naturae
04. Daybreak
05. Mist in Cimmeria
06. Decade of Rust
07. Seven Sons
08. Sang Noir and the Nightbringer
09. End World
10. River Runs Red
11. Into the Open
12. Wildcat
13. Medicine Man

THE NEW LAW – A Bull in the Woods


M.B.L.B. – The Art Of Dirt [Beat Tape] [2018]

M.B.L.B. – The Art Of Dirt [Beat Tape]
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01. You Are Watching…
02. Axe You A Question
03. The Rules
04. The Bells
05. Give Thanks
06. Three Bar
07. Kink
08. Eastern Market
09. For The Brothers
10. Murder In French
11. Maverick
12. Must Love Cats
13. Bag O’ Soul
14. Spinning Still
15. Sugar Smacks
16. Mayonaise
17. Tryin’ To Cut A Spot
18. The Dirt

M.B.L.B. – The Art Of Dirt


DJ Brace – Apatheia [Instrumental Album] [2017]

DJ Brace – Apatheia [Instrumental Album]
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01. Listen To Your Heart Beat
02. Essence Of It All
03. Origins
04. Into Oblivion
05. Space Bubbles
06. Eupatheia
07. Shes Burning
08. Shake My Head
09. Beyond

DJ Brace – Apatheia

Also Available On: 2XLP Vinyl LP

There are certain things that, when held too close, distort our perspective. Emotions and ego can clutter the mind’s eye. Apatheia, which should not be confused with apathy, involves moving these things to a safe distance. This is not about a loss of feeling or disengaging with the world. The goal is to gain understanding through a disentangling from the chaos that litters the landscape. Unfettered, unburdened, and unobstructed… one can experience freedom of the soul and see the way forward with absolute clarity. We’ve charted a course for you. There are nine sonic signposts to soundtrack your journey. So, immerse yourself in the music and allow it to rinse away the distractions that have been preventing you from experiencing your own Apatheia.


Ze WEB – Ghetto Optimist [Beat Tape] [2018]

Ze WEB – Ghetto Optimist [Beat Tape]
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01. Come On Followers
02. China Town Night
03. S.N.S.(Suck Nothing Sucks)
04. Zombie Choir
05. Roll With Ze
06. Life Is Good
07. Angry Mood
08. Calm
09. Control Freak
10. Spring Sea Victim

Ze WEB – Ghetto Optimist


kILLer Kane – Vol. 8 [E.P.] [2017]

kILLer Kane – Vol. 8 [E.P.]
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01. coffeedreams
02. driftingdreams
03. wunluv
04. hammock
05. disguise

kILLer Kane – Vol. 8


Smika – Turquoise [Beat Tape] [2018]

Smika – Turquoise [Beat Tape]
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01. Sandy
02. Coral
03. Feel
04. Day
05. Loose
06. Dusk
07. Lull
08. Smoke
09. Quilt
10. Billow
11. Rainy
12. Memories
13. Drape

Smika – Turquoise

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

The debut beat tape from Smika in Tokyo, Japan. Mellow instrumental beats, lofi and chill.


OJ Son – SLEEP IN MINE (Instrumental) [Instrumentals] [2018]

OJ Son – SLEEP IN MINE (Instrumental) [Instrumentals]
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01. Break it down
02. Bite of ya
03. I get bussy
04. Make it hard so far
05. Mic chasing
06. More Jam than cream crack
07. Say Yeah
08. Waiting me for a minute

OJ Son – SLEEP IN MINE (Instrumental)

This album only release instrumental from re;ease album before and this album is side B from album with Mr.Montigue “SLEEP IN MINE” this is unfinished album so only release instrumental


Sleep One – PɅROUSIɅ (beat​.​tape) EP [E.P.] [2018]

Sleep One – PɅROUSIɅ (beat​.​tape) EP [E.P.]
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01. Yigdrazl
02. Anarchy Anthem
03. Polaris Solar
04. Gemz

Sleep One – PɅROUSIɅ (beat​.​tape) EP


p_11_x – #beforeigo [E.P.] [2018]

p_11_x – #beforeigo [E.P.]
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01. hipster_triste(il sole splenderà anche per te)
02. highstnd
03. sputaxxella
04. muta-fckr(demo_arrngmnt)

p_11_x – #beforeigo


Morpheground – Dawn LP [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Morpheground – Dawn LP [Instrumental Album]
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01. Awake (1st Breath)
02. Say Yes
03. Axis Age
04. The Most High
05. Bliss
06. Space Bar
07. Artistry vs Ego
08. NoMad
09. Citrus
10. Dawn
11. War
12. Rewind (ft. Shuanise)

Morpheground – Dawn LP

This will be my last album as Morpheground, as I have stated with my previous release. This album to me represents some of the best tracks I’ve ever worked on under this name.
What’s next? I’ll keep on making music under my new moniker “Amos Kincaid” which will comprise for the most part of soulful, jazzy, electronic and experimental music without samples, composed and performed from scratch.