Vybz – Inner Vybz #3 [Beat Tape] [2016]

Vybz – Inner Vybz #3 [Beat Tape]
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01. पृथिवी
02. आपस्
03. अग्नि
04. वायु
05. आकाश
06. मनस्
07. स्पन्द

Vybz – Inner Vybz #3


dominic pierce – overxtra [E.P.] [2016]

dominic pierce – overxtra [E.P.]
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01. back in (ft. sports boyfriend)
02. palms milk (ft. flutes)
03. il sorpasso (ft. rhakim ali)
04. don’t tell me (ft. sports boyfriend)
05. stare glare
06. satomi dc

dominic pierce – overxtra

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

Dominic Pierce returns with “overxtra”, a 6 track EP that’s like a quick reverie; deep and full of feeling. This release is the second collab between Inner Ocean and Close To Modern, featuring appearances by Sports Boyfriend, Rhakim Ali and Flutes (Co-Founder of CTM).

Producers notes “the songs were made using an SP 202, 303, and 404. Sampled synths on 202, arranged and processed on 303 and 404 to get a subtle flavour from each of the SP’s.”


Funkonami – I Know You Know Kung-Fu [Single] [2014]

Funkonami – I Know You Know Kung-Fu [Single]
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01. I know you know Kung-Fu (Funkonami Remix)
02. I know you know Kung-Fu (Instrumental)

Funkonami – I Know You Know Kung-Fu


Oso Blanco – Kung Fu Treachery [Beat Tape] [2016]

Oso Blanco – Kung Fu Treachery [Beat Tape]
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01. Life of a Fighter [intro]
02. The Essence of Kung Fu
03. Blood Blossoms
04. Legend of the Howling Blade
05. Hand to Hand Combat
06. Choose Your Path
07. Heart Of A Lion
08. One Man Army [unstoppable]
09. Power of the Ear
10. Deadly Venom
11. Two Pronged Attack
12. Path of the Blade
13. The Art of Healing

Oso Blanco – Kung Fu Treachery

Skills are sharpened and techniques are mastered as Oso Blanco declares an auditory assault on this 30+ minute demonstration of Kung Fu Treachery. Nonstop action thriller for your ears.


Pantalaim0n – 3​:​00am stroll [Beat Tape] [2016]

Pantalaim0n – 3:00am stroll [Beat Tape]
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01. So I’m Walking (Intro)
02. First Cigarette
03. Clear Sky
04. Passing Street Lights
05. Second Cigarette
06. Few Words to a Friend
07. Stop For Third Cigarette
08. Earphones Off
09. Passing Her House
10. Moment of Peace
11. Hood Up, Walking Forward
12. Fourth Cigarette
13. Stella Matutina
14. I Have To Go Back
15. Last Cigarette
18.BONUS TRACK 3 Saikei introduction

Pantalaim0n – 3:00am stroll

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette


Arom – Beat’Em All [Beat Tape] [2016]

Arom – Beat’Em All [Beat Tape]
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01. La Garrigue (Anso)
02. Looser Sublime (Tarafa)
03. Anarchie 2 (Alblattar)
04. Tripolaire (Stanko)
05. Go, Go, Go To Hell (djpKnox)
06. Karmeliet Effect (Nicephor)
07. Fais – Le (Nico)
08. Hiver Sans Fin (Jérémie)
09. Hirson Vs Zombies (Manon)
10. Padthaï Et Bokits (Card Et Gaby)
11. Philippe (Piloo)
12. Témoin Du Mal (Julien)
13. WTF (Solène)
14. Kaïser Rosé (Laurent)
15. Frères Par Terre (Ramon Edit)

Arom – Beat’Em All


Sunny Cheema (Sleep One) – YAY-SCO (EP) Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2016]

Sunny Cheema (Sleep One) – YAY-SCO (EP) Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. 415 Skyline Golden Gate
02. 650 Jazz City Drift
03. LSD – JAZ – SCO – YAY
04. Nightlife Entertainment @ The Water
05. Sleep One @ Sco – Jazz Fest Live!!!
06. Thank You!!! Kindly…

Sunny Cheema (Sleep One) – YAY-SCO (EP) Beat Tape

A Free Beat Tape EP by Sleep One!!!
Straight from The Bay Area!!
For All my Boom Bap Heads!! The Tenderloin Junkies!!! The Hobos, The Graff Artists, The Spittas!! The Lyrical Visual Heads!!
For San Fransisco , The Nujazz Movement, All The Buddha Heads, Keeping It Sparked!!!
Enjoy Your 15 Minute Electronic Jazzy Audio Trip!!!
For All the Psychedelic Trippy Hippies!!


MyGrane McNastee – DA SUPA SPIC [Album] [2016]

MyGrane McNastee – DA SUPA SPIC [Album]
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01. Forced Entry
02. You You You II – Power Movements
03. Da Illness
04. Campain Fever (Feat. Murdoc) – Hock Tuey
05. If You Come My Way
06. 12 PM
07. Listen – Off & Out
08. October Baby (Da Supa Spic)
09. 3rd Shift (Feat. Murdoc)
10. Da Man Called Grane
11. Energy Raw
12. Ride Wittus – Bloody Wife Beater
13. Everything Remains Raw
14. Rhymaholic
15. Walk Around Town – Fryin’ Pan
16. The Dew Good (Feat. Amy Winehouse)
17. Believe It
18. Planet Terror (Feat. Murdoc) (The Custodian of Records Remix)

MyGrane McNastee – DA SUPA SPIC

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“…For the unaware, MyGrane McNastee is an emcee out of Florida with a deep discography and an even deeper style of wordplay, if his compilation album DA SUPA SPIC is anything to go by. McNastee has a leaning towards horror and comedy, evident in his playful moniker and his music. Tracks like Da Man Called Grane, with its jagged opening, and Rhymaholic with its allusions to verbal hip hop addiction, give the LP a rambunctious but well assembled collection of tracks. What I particularly enjoy about McNastee is his vocal timbre and flow, harkening to the golden age and a fine representation of the Hispanic influence on hip hop.

The feelings on DA SUPA SPIC are that of joviality and disregard for try hard imagery of the mainstream today. This is an album for all generations, for the car, the home stereo, block parties and club nights but I suppose that’s the advantages of compilation albums – they don’t cater to one solitary emotion or message…” – Sampleface


TSF – Time Tones EP [E.P.] [2016]

TSF – Time Tones EP [E.P.]
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01. Subterfuge
02. Crache! (ft. Do Mi & Sale)
03. Une Once de Résilience (ft. Samo)
04. Sacrebleu
05. Do Mi – Luv of Urs rmx (ft. Do Mi)
06. Kosmo Perspektiv (ft. Gada Tronsi)

TSF – Time Tones EP

Based in Montréal, TSF (as in TomA Sound Factory) cut his teeth manipulating all sorts of sounds as a producer and sound designer, on several projects and collaborations between France and Canada.

With influences rooted in afrobeat, soul, hip hop and electronic music, TSF’s musical journey around sound manipulation made him build a strong live-oriented solo project, while keeping an emphasis on collaboration : his latest EP titled Time Tones, six-track project soon to be released on Unlog, counts no less than four collaborators : vocalists Do Mi and Samo, french lyricist Théophane Bertuit aka Sale, and trumpeter Gada Tronsi.


NINETOFIVE – Blended Gems [Compilation] [2016]

NINETOFIVE – Blended Gems [Compilation]
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01. Shumno – The Very Moment
02. Bunko Stew – Dreams
03. Klim – Night Flower
04. Homage – Theophilus
05. The Grey Orange – Wait
06. Pablo Queu – Nylon
07. MZK – Soundscape 86
08. O.S.L – Thnkn of u..
09. Thor Kvisgaard – You Better Dig These Jazz Samples
10. Sup Nasa – Pray.h.e.r.
11. Truly Danny – Fat Cap Bombing
12. Brenky – Late Afternoon
13. Mihai Sictir – Portal
14. Point 5 – Darlin
15. Kongchain – Raymond Boulevard
16. Airworks – Fool’s Day
17. Grey Killer – From Parnas
18. Davr – Plastic
19. Buddy Cephalus – Animal Rights
20. Grindalf – JZMN
21. Kolor – theoutside
22. René Schier – Coffeeshop

NINETOFIVE – Blended Gems