Nolan The Ninja – lo​-​fi flips. [Remixes] [2017]

Nolan The Ninja – lo​-​fi flips. [Remixes]
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01. christintro.
02. tha reel.
03. juno.
04. 2 thou.
05. duh.
06. keef’s rap.
07. cotdamn.
08. how it iz.
09. omar’s rap.
10. mont. (puffy’s co-sign)
11. alicia’s crush.
12. stilo.
13. soupastah.
14. shellfish.
15. liyah.
16. tingz.
17. tariq’s rap.
18. bloodi $$$.
19. nasir’s song.
20. jai.

Nolan The Ninja – lo​-​fi flips.

Also Available On: lo-fi flips. (CD)
Nolan The Ninja has had quite the run. Beginning with his beat tape ‘lo-fi l∞ps.’ dropping on Producers I Know in Spring 2015 then appearing on DJ Soko’s ‘Domino Effect’ in Summer 2015, he came straight out of the gate on fire. The momentum built up due to the overwhelming response from his appearance on the self-produced single “Concoction” plus the physical release of his Fat Beats distributed beat tape ‘lo-fi l∞ps.’ selling out lead to the release of his breakout EP ‘f-ck the hype.’ in Fall 2015.

All throughout Winter 2015-16, the buzz generated by Nolan The Ninja’s previous releases & guest appearances resulted in an organic ground swell of support that him in an enviable position going forward. After tearing down numerous live freestyle sessions, performances & beat seats, anticipation for his debut solo LP was through the roof. Nolan’s album ‘he[art].’ dropped in July on DJ Soko’s imprint Left Of Center with Fat Beats’ distribution. Since then, it has been regarded as one of the best underground rap albums of 2016.

To add onto the accolades, Nolan has produced these amazing remixes and re-workings of popular R&B and rap songs that gets amazing reactions from crowds when he plays them during his live beat sets. After going through his hard drives and curating his 20 favorite “jawns”, Nolan finally releases his incredible compositions in a collection titled ‘lo-fi flips.’. On this project, Nolan showcases the full range of his versatility and creativity in not only his selections but how he re-imagined their individual soundscapes…


Baronski – 3 Platten Dig EP [E.P.] [2016]

Baronski – 3 Platten Dig EP [E.P.]
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01. 3 Platten Dig Part1
02. 3 Platten Dig Part2
03. 3 Platten Dig Part3
04. 3 Platten Dig Part4
05. 3 Platten Dig Part5
06. 3 Platten Dig Part6
07. 3 Platten Dig Part7

Baronski – 3 Platten Dig EP


SonoTWS – Street Talk [Beat Tape] [2017]

SonoTWS – Street Talk [Beat Tape]
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01. Turn The Tape Up
02. Imersão
03. Lembranças
04. Wha’ppen?
05. Primeiro Encontro
06. So’ul Dope
07. Pique Esconde
08. Olhares
10. Tranquilidade
11. High
12. Lateral (Ode to T.W.S.)
13. Alta Performance
14. Latex
15. Ato 2
16. Ato 5
17. No “Mood”
18. Cuidado
19. O Mundo (Mensagem)

SonoTWS – Street Talk

On our first release, Sono TWS goes deep into his samplers and old school LPs, in order to create the perfect soundtrack for his unforgettable moments spraying his art into São Paulo’s walls. Between hanging out with friends and hard times, 19 came to light, all of it produced on Emu Sp-12 Turbo, Akai S950 and Sp303 samplers.

The ‘Street Talk’ is about 90s hip hop culture, jazz, soul and major thing about the street culture, the S-S-S-STYLE.


Oh No – Ultimate Breaks & Beats [Breaks & Beats] [2017]

Oh No – Ultimate Breaks & Beats [Breaks & Beats]
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01. The Trouble
02. Magic Soul
03. You Gotta Bring
04. Party Bus Tours
05. We Can Make It
06. All This
07. Friendly Fire
08. Keep Movin’
09. KM2
10. Electric Phenoma
11. Let Me Tell You Something
12. Lost Traveler
13. So!
14. Raw Meat
15. Hard Hands
16. Dirty Referees

Oh No – Ultimate Breaks & Beats


René Schier – Zazen [Beat Tape] [2017]

René Schier – Zazen [Beat Tape]
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01. Memories
02. Palm Trees
03. Swimming Pool
04. Astral Travelling
05. Time Flies
06. Streetview
07. Let’s Go Home!
08. Midnight
09. Yinyan
10. Set Level
11. Zazen
12. Flame Food
13. Biters
14. Hishiryo
15. Nirvana
16. Structures

René Schier – Zazen

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Zazen

With Zazen, René Schier offers us a ticket into a parallel universe where the laws of physics are different. You’ll find yourself floating in air and walking on water. A place where your dreams are reality and reality is just a dream.
With deep jazzy melodies and abstract beats, Zazen transcends music genres, we are somewhere in between. Let yourself go, open a window to your inner vision, here’s a great piece of music to meditate to. But rest assured heavy head nodding is part of the ritual!


Batsauce – Clean Plate Club Vol. 3 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Batsauce – Clean Plate Club Vol. 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. Now’s the Time
02. That Real Funk
03. Thing Goes Down The Road
04. Black Cat Blues
05. Holla
06. Sweet Love
07. Sly And Stoned
08. Globetrotter
09. Keep The Smile
10. Alpha Omega
11. On The Mend
12. Rumors Of War
13. Look Around
14. Soldier
15. Big Leg
16. Do What I Like
17. Smoking And Drinking
18. Luxury Apartment
19. One Day
20. Our Sponsors
21. The Final Truth

Batsauce – Clean Plate Club Vol. 3

Also Available On: PRE-ORDER – Limited Edition Cassette

Volume 3 of the Clean Plate Club features the work of long time collaborator & Full Plate Family member, Batsauce (Member/Producer for The Smile Rays, Duct Tape, Lady Daisey, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Qwaazar, Dillon and many more! )

Always flying in his own direction, Bat’s background as a bassist and avant garde jazz musician shines through in this collection of instrumentals ranging from the far left field to on-the-one funk. Perhaps a more subtle influence are his world travels which can be heard throughout the album in the form of obscure samples, regional percussive patterns & international instrumentation.

When Batsauce isn’t making banging beats, he’s making coffee for his wife, the ever lovely, Lady Daisey. Also, ask him about his George Clinton stories…


〄 DJM 〄 – SILENCE’S GARDEN [Beat Tape] [2017]

〄 DJM 〄 – SILENCE’S GARDEN [Beat Tape]
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10. SUN
11. I-N-D-I-A
19. PARIS C 1990


Also Available On: SILENCE’S GARDEN Cassette


Damu The Fudgemunk – Vignettes [Beat Tape] [2017]

Damu The Fudgemunk – Vignettes [Beat Tape]
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01. Dial Up, Dial Down
02. The High Light Zone
03. Offering
04. Conviction
05. Get Lost To Be Found
06. Plea Jargon
07. Solitary Refinement
08. Openings
09. Grace Value
10. Rememberance
11. Awakening
12. Current
13. Perpetual Purpose
14. The Verdict
15. Ascension to Earth

Damu The Fudgemunk – Vignettes

Also Available On: 3XLP White Vinyl or 3XLP Black Vinyl or 2XCassette 0r 2XCD


“Vignettes is a true example of ‘art imitating life.’ All the commentary/music is a collection of my personal experiences and those reflections applied to music to document an honest depiction of my current perspective on life and the world we share.” – Damu The Fudgemunk


According to Merriam-Webster, “Vignettes” means, a short descriptive literary sketch/brief incident or scene (as in a play or movie). The album is aptly titled where 15 musical scenes, each with their own unique settings, are stitched harmoniously together to provide a universal message to the audience in which they use the gift of their own interpretation. At just over 2 hours long, the listener is given an unfiltered front row performance into the heart, mind and soul of the the artist. This latest effort from Damu the Fudgemunk is of typical and unorthodox proportions. Musically, it’s what you should expect from the man who brought you the How it Should Sound franchise, Supply for Demand and The Spur Momento Trailer. Intellectually, it’s his most vulnerable piece of work to date. Hoping to challenge and inspire the listener through a musical narrative, it’s content is open ended. Any resulting opinion that provokes thinking is encouraged given the message in this “Vignettes” album. Even the art direction is intentionally abstract and undefined to welcome the attention of all people. The album is completely instrumental except for “Openings,” the lone vocal track which features Raw Poetic. With a “Quality over Quantity” slogan, Redefinition Records adds “Vignettes” to it’s legacy and marks their first 3LP vinyl release which is exclusive to, while double cd’s (in Mini Lp style packaging with printed inner sleeves) and double cassettes (in a unique side by side case instead of the standard double cassette box) are available everywhere. Though the word vignettes may refer to something brief, Damu the Fudgemunk’s new album “Vignettes” has a long future ahead for years to come.


cobrakaibeats – Cobrakai Beat Tape Vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2017]

cobrakaibeats – Cobrakai Beat Tape Vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Positive Energy
02. City Lights
03. Style On Em
04. Mollywop
05. Gettin’ C.R.E.A.M.
06. Blah Blah Blah
07. The Truth
08. Ripped Denim
09. Oh My
10. No Doorags
11. No Turning Back
12. Stargate

cobrakaibeats – Cobrakai Beat Tape Vol. 1


Intalek Uno The Consigliere – The Lottery Eludes Me [Beat Tape] [2017]

Intalek Uno The Consigliere – The Lottery Eludes Me [Beat Tape]
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01. the wrong numbers…again
02. falafel and gyros
03. old folks winning
04. phantom churn
05. run the numbers by me again
06. digits at eleven
07. money balling
08. the big game
09. old tickets
10. remote country store
11. could be a winner
12. can’t win for losing
13. in my feelings interlude
14. return of the sweetness

Intalek Uno The Consigliere – The Lottery Eludes Me


El Neeg – Piff [Beat Tape] [2017]

El Neeg – Piff [Beat Tape]
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01. For The Glory
02. Warring States
03. Dusty Bones
04. 2 Trve
05. Para Sufrir
06. ¡ Alerta !
07. Palmas Gitanas
08. Bedouin
09. Turtleneck Sweaters
10. Spliff Ride
11. In a Blue Suit
12. GuessWork
13. Q-Boro
14. Foggy Daze
15. I Try So Hard
16. The Far Side of Queens
17. Foshan

El Neeg – Piff

This album is my expression of love for hip-hop. No matter what type of music I listen to, the drum machine in my heart always has the swing set to at least 80%. This project and the process involved to make it happen, has been one of discovery and joy. I’ve always wanted to make music like this and hopefully I get to make much more.


Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks [Beat Tape] [2017]

Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks [Beat Tape]
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01. A1.Inner City Serenade
02. A2.Gloaming
03. A3.Fear
04. A4.Last Train
05. A5.Late Night Cruise (Maple Syrup)
06. A6.Cozy
07. A7.Nocturne
08. B1.Midnight Vibes
09. B2.Nights On The Roof
10. B3.Speakeasy
11. B4.Stardust
12. B5.Noir (Bones The Beat Head)
13. B6.Dilemma
14. B7.Dusk To Dawn

Bones The Beat Head & Maple Syrup – Nighthawks


Bonobo – Migration [Beat Tape] [2017]

Bonobo – Migration [Beat Tape]
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01. Migration
02. Break Apart (feat. Rhye)
03. Outlier
04. Grains
05. Second Sun
06. Surface (feat. Nicole Miglis)
07. Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
08. Kerala
09. Ontario
10. No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)
11. 7th Sevens
12. Figures

Bonobo – Migration

Also Available On: Bonobo – ‘Migration’ 2LP [ZEN236] or Bonobo – ‘Migration’ CD [ZENCD236]

New music from Simon Green aka Bonobo is always an event, but when it heralds the arrival of a whole new album (his first since 2013’s “The North Borders”), it’s really something to get excited about. The masterful, magisterial “Migration” is Green’s sixth album and it’s a record which cements his place in the very highest echelons of electronic music and beyond.


IDE & Lucky Loopiano – Breathe Easy Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2016]

IDE & Lucky Loopiano – Breathe Easy Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro
02. Method To Madness
03. Voices
04. Grudges
05. New Standards
06. Service Announcement
07. Flight Patterns
08. Interlude
09. Clockers
10. Sound The Horns
11. Deity
12. Answering Machines
13. Nirvana
14. Will & Test
15. No Patience
16. Outro

IDE & Lucky Loopiano – Breathe Easy Instrumentals


Paul White – Everything You’ve Forgotten (Free Beat Tape) [Beat Tape] [2017]

Paul White – Everything You’ve Forgotten (Free Beat Tape) [Beat Tape]
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01. Forgotten Intro
02. The Futurist
03. I Am The
04. Star of Light
05. Duck Calls
06. Mouth Harp Mayhem
07. Jyonder
08. Soloman
09. Baraka
10. Bowling Stations
11. Thinking From A Distance
12. Great Lyrics Interlude
13. Eclipse
14. Rock’n’Risk Interlude
15. Heeeyyy
16. Today’s World
17. We’ll Make It
18. Maori Baby Junior
19. The Concept of I

Paul White – Everything You’ve Forgotten (Free Beat Tape)


Matt Bloom – VISITOR | HIGH SIERRAS [Beat Tape] [2017]

Matt Bloom – VISITOR | HIGH SIERRAS [Beat Tape]
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01. Side A
02. Side B


Made this project next to a small lake in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains. No internet, Cell Service or T.V. just the beauty of nature.

The tools I used : Blofeld Synthesizer, Found Sounds (ZOOM Hand Held Recorder), a few midi controllers and a Laptop.