KLIM beats – FireFlies [Beat Tape] [2016]

KLIM beats – FireFlies [Beat Tape]
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01. Introduction
02. Night Island
03. Invasion
04. Feel The Soul
05. Orphic
06. Water World
07. Transparent
08. Crab Dance
09. Skit
10. Fireflies
11. Steamship
12. Starry Sky
13. Dolphin

KLIM beats – FireFlies


Sycho Gast – le long chemin [Beat Tape] [2016]

Sycho Gast – le long chemin [Beat Tape]
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01. rokeb-y (feat. Retromental)
02. ton sourir.e
03. tes yeux
04. tu es belle
05. tomber amoureux
06. comme dans l’aveni-r (feat. t . u t k u)
07. danser la valse
08. notre étoile
09. métamorphose
10. notre solei
11. naissance

Sycho Gast – le long chemin

Also Available On: “Limited Edition Cassette.”


Jordyn Edmonds – Sticky Stuff [Beat Tape] [2016]

Jordyn Edmonds – Sticky Stuff [Beat Tape]
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01. Caught
02. So Bad
03. Rough
04. Fruit Punch
05. Boss
06. Forever
07. Human
08. It Makes Me

Jordyn Edmonds – Sticky Stuff


Kidd Called Quest – SOP “Sound Of Poverty” Kidd Called Quest Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kidd Called Quest – SOP “Sound Of Poverty” Kidd Called Quest Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Poverty Struck
02. The Come Up
03. Life Lesson
04. Life Lesson
05. Laws Of Nature
06. Dysfunctional Nation
07. By Any Means Necessary

Kidd Called Quest – SOP “Sound Of Poverty” Kidd Called Quest Beat Tape

Rochester New York producer Kidd Called Quest Drops his new beat tape SOP “Sound Of Poverty” a 7-track instrumental project for you music lovers and artist to vibe with check it out and enjoy the wonderful sounds of Kidd Called Quest.


J5ATRON – THANK YOU SLAP GOD [Beat Tape] [2011]

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01. Beetle
02. Boomerang
03. Hydro-man
04. Rhino
05. Speed Demon
06. Doctor Octopus
07. Electro
08. Kraven the Hunter
09. Mysterio
10. Sandman
11. Vulture



Squeaky Lobster – (V​/​A) Sketches Of Jozy Remix Flip [Remixes] [2016]

Squeaky Lobster – (V/A) Sketches Of Jozy Remix Flip [Remixes]
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01. Sketches Of Jozy
02. Sketches Of Jozy (Perle Claire Remix)
03. Sketches Of Jozy (Zakarius Remix)
04. Sketches Of Jozy (Tarzan Remix)
05. Sketches Of Jozy (Nrth Remix)
06. Sketches Of Jozy (SLND Somé Remix)
07. Sketches Of Jozy (Levon Remix)
08. Sketches Of Jozy (Monsieur Andrée Remix)
09. Sketches Of Jozy (E-Lee Remix)
10. Sketches Of Jozy (Robine Remix)
11. Sketches Of Jozy (Maverick Remix)
12. Sketches Of Jozy (Noodle Remix)
13. Sketches Of Jozy (The Ajar Project Remix)
14. Sketches Of Jozy (De Guerlasse Remix)

Squeaky Lobster – (V/A) Sketches Of Jozy Remix Flip

“Sketches Of Jozy Remix Flip” was born by the impulse of producer’s Miqi O / Tarzan / Hiccup from Besançon, France.
Miqi wanted to share his knowledges of beatmaking to young producers and decide to create a masterclass dedicated at the composition of beats. After a first Remix Flip compilation released in march 2016 with Kuna Maze on Cascade Records, in may 2016, Miqi O invited Vlek Records heroe Squeaky Lobster to join the project. In Besançon, Squeaky Lobster played with all the masterclass participants, 13 remixes birth of this exciting challenge to create.
Enter to the future.


DOC Mastermind & PI. Iѕα∆c – Everything !z Everythang [Beat Tape] [2016]

DOC Mastermind & PI. Iѕα∆c – Everything !z Everythang [Beat Tape]
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01. EXh!Beat_A aka Intro
02. Pi Day
03. CampoFormio [Starring El Train]
05. DrkSidaz
06. P@risIzActiv
07. Dans.La_Gova aka // 0utro
08. ∆cL0ckwerk.OraNge [Bonus]

DOC Mastermind & PI. Iѕα∆c – Everything !z Everythang

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are REAL.

No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products should be inferred.

Lotta drumz/Synths/computers were harmed in the making of this B*mb Sh%t.

All music produced, mixed and mastered by the DOC & the Prince…


Anglesh – In tune with​.​.​. [Beat Tape] [2016]

Anglesh – In tune with… [Beat Tape]
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01. Myself
02. Mi…Mind
03. dejavu
04. littlegirls
05. good..feeling
06. Openup
07. RareStuff
08. BlackNarcissism
09. Tighten..up ft. Hannibal
10. makin
11. NewportShawt…ft. ‘Lin
12. Numb…Feelings
13. the.grass.is.not.Green ft. Nelson & Zae The Philospher
14. deadRoses
15. Did’nt I
16. Color…US
17. IntheEndyou…die

Anglesh – In tune with…

We have to understand ourselves and to do that we have to understand where we come from the earth. If you become In tune with this planet you can become in tune with yourself and vice versa. Becoming in tune with yourself is probably the hardest things to do a lot of people are not comfortable in their skin that is one thing that I am as a human trying to do and I am progressing. Lets all become in tune with are feelings and planet and learn to love each other a lot more. I made this project from the summer ’16 to the fall ’16. Enjoy share and buy please.

Special thanks to the collaborators who helped Hannibal, JoanAngelique,’Lin, Nelson, Zae The Philosopher, Maicho Stilo, and Metvlmouth for the tape cover.


Filthy Fingers United – Three Years Strong [Beat Tape] [2016]

Filthy Fingers United – Three Years Strong [Beat Tape]
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01. Araless – City Life
02. Deeplemon – Mend
03. Diogenes – catch it
04. DJ Corndogg – The 2000XL Break Up
05. DJ Showbot – Interlewd ((FDA warning))
06. DJ Showbot – A.M.P. (ft. Severe Influence)
07. Ifthen – FTP
08. Hekl, The Mad Scientist – Chills
09. Inimeg – Summer
10. JDFlow – Dream Merchant
11. Lazy Marf – Windy Monday
12. Madshroom Emcee – Ronald Reagan Had a Dream
13. NorthernDraw – Jaunty
14. All Laundry part 1
15. Hekl, The Mad Scientist – Luxury
16. PUNCHACOP – Laws Are Irrelevant
17. SeanyCee – Dream Dancer ft. Ljnevs & The Dean
18. Suttikeeree – Cousin Harold
19. thad wenatchee – burn your flag and plant your tree
20. thad wenatchee – peace, ann

Filthy Fingers United – Three Years Strong


Häzel – The Loop Project [E.P.] [2016]

Häzel – The Loop Project [E.P.]
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01. Ashtrays And All O That
02. Yawyawyaw
03. Distopia
04. The Realness
05. Eyozel003
06. Money Stack
07. Lapdance

Häzel – The Loop Project


Check out THE LOOP PROJECT by Häzel & From Paris Agency
Häzel: A Loop . A simple loop . That’s what i love . there is so much to say, and too many things to think of when you’re hypnotized under those few seconds of a perfect melody that repeats over and over….Digging deep in your imagination, consuming you. This is what i want you to experience with this mini concept “Loop Project“ that we want to share with you. This is an example of what’s going on in my head most of the days .When i work , I spend countless hours finding the perfect loop , and sometimes, it just doesn’t need anything else . This is dedicated to the loop lovers


Sugar Fli – Sugar High [Beat Tape] [2016]

Sugar Fli – Sugar High [Beat Tape]
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01. Saturday Nite
02. Circuit Breaker
03. Funky Fresh
06. Like a Version
07. So Sexy
08. Super Disco

Sugar Fli – Sugar High

This is an 80s Funk based project .Made by The Son of a Funky bass player,SugarFli Takes Funk To an Electronic Experimental Level.No Sample were used for this album .Just my nostalgic Memories Of somewhere ive never been.The 80s.Well Ive been There but only in a time machine thats how i produced these sounds.Enjoy these Funky Tunes .


Spectacular Diagnostics – Avant Raw [Beat Tape] [2016]

Spectacular Diagnostics – Avant Raw [Beat Tape]
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01. Self Portrait
02. Maria Conchita
03. My Synthesizer feat. Milo
04. We Are Blind
05. Automatic Art
06. Start Taking Notes
07. Troll Alarm
08. Curse feat. Chester Watson
09. Let it Play
10. Modern Times
11. Spice Boys
12. Plain and Simple
13. Ninjalude feat. Nolan the Ninja
14. Cue MOP Drops
15. Watch a Fly-y-y-y
16. Banana Biscoff
17. Sea Pimps
18. Late Fees feat. Snubnose Frankenstein
19. Victory Lap Bands
20. Young Lennon

Spectacular Diagnostics – Avant Raw


stillmuzik – Looking For The Perfect Beat Volume 4 [Compilation] [2016]

stillmuzik – Looking For The Perfect Beat Volume 4 [Compilation]
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01. Lord Loopitah – Razor rock rythm
02. Mejiwahn – Old Friend
03. Bluestaeb – Raprestent
04. End2end Beats – Here comes the drama
05. ∆ywee – Patience
06. Santo – Shuffle
07. Amadeo 85 – Easy rider
08. JVyKID – Brtz moovmnt
09. Wild Mofo – Feeling no pain
10. Tismé – VolaTisme
11. Monsi du 6 – Molly Marlette
12. Pimoh – DooM
13. Frères Pastor – High hopes
14. DJ Cars10 – Come on
15. Billy le Boiteux – Panoptique
16. Blanka – Spotation
17. Mordecai – Mordecai
18. Nebula Beatz – L.I.F.E
19. Kill Emil – The Night

stillmuzik – Looking For The Perfect Beat Volume 4

All things come to an end.

This is the fourth last volume of the Looking for the Perfect Beat series.
It’s been a pleasure to showcase all the artists that participated to the compilations, music that we love, music that we play, music with feelings.
Of course we are not so much into trends, we don’t release 50 albums a year from 50 artists that we don’t care of.
Marone, our beloved Art Director, once said, ‘we are more like a cargo ship, we don’t deliver often, but when it’s done, it’s dope’
Of course we are eclectic, we grew up like that, we listen to diverse music, an you can feel it in our comps. you’ll find middle school boombap, trap, scratches, psychedelic-oriental vibes, Funk, GFunk, it’s all in here. When you get slapped by a track, you don’t give a shit about its style.
We thank from the bottom of our heart all the artists who were there since volume 1 by order of appearance, we’d like to give the a huge up :
Vol 1
Koolade, Somepling, Beus Bengal, Illingsworth, Sacha Di Manolo, Handbook, Biof, Elaquent, Lartizan, Ta-Ku, Ohbliv, Kyo Itachi, Chief, Saneyes, Spacedtime, Keor Meteor, Bhonstro
Vol 2
Monk, Mononome, The Marv, Adjaman, Al Quetz, Manu Beats, SNKA, Chomsky, Medline, Beathoven, Oldjay, Dienst&Schulter, Doc Mastermind, Tek Nalo G, Lord Funk
Vol 3
MKL, DJ Marrrtin, Krampf, Shady, Khryo, Mr Zula, En2ak, Xixool, Blakesmith, Pacific Shore, Noza, Elecrtoom Accostap, Wizard, Toltek, Buddy Sativa, Axion 117

And.. for Vol 4
Lord Loopitah, Meijiwhan, Bluestaeb, WessBert, Highwee, Santo, Wild Mofo, Tismé, Amadeo 85, JVyKID, Monsi Du 6, Pimoh, Frères Pastor, DJ Cars10, Billy le Boiteux, Blanka, Mordecai, Nebula Beatz, Kill Emil
Again we want to thanks you all, and all people who support us.



Thelonious Coltrane – Meilen (7inch) [E.P.] [2016]

Thelonious Coltrane – Meilen (7inch) [E.P.]
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01. On
02. Meile
03. Kindisch
04. Bridge
05. W.H.B.
06. Thick Forest
07. For My Man P

Thelonious Coltrane – Meilen (7inch)


DeeJay Element – Element(als) Vol.1 [Beat Tape] [2016]

DeeJay Element – Element(als) Vol.1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Beat 1
02. Beat 2
03. Beat 3
04. Beat 4
05. Beat 5
06. Beat 6
07. Beat 7
08. Beat 8
09. Beat 9
10. Beat 10
11. Beat 11
12. Beat 12
13. Beat 13
14. Beat 14
15. Beat 15

DeeJay Element – Element(als) Vol.1