Soulful Stems 3 Vinyl + Sample Flip Challenge

Soulful Stems 3 Vinyl + Sample Flip Challenge

**Please Read**

Step up your production game and enter our famed Soulful Stems 3 sample-flip challenge! Your pre-order will secure your contest entry AND also provide you with the limited edition Soulful Stems 3 vinyl that will ship in late August. The Soulful Stems 3 project will officially drop after the contest winner is announced on August 28th. Peep the details below!

Contest Entry Details:

Pre-order The Soulful Stems 3 Limited Edition Vinyl and receive the untagged sample download to use in contest ( &
Submit track in .mp3 format to
Entry must contain obvious reference to sample download
Submit entry between July 24th – August 21st
Winner will be announced August 28th
Official project will drop on August 28th and your vinyl order will begin shipping during this timeframe
Winner will receive: SS3 Vinyl credit, Ion USB Turntable, Drum Machinery Poster, MPC60 USB flash drive with SS3 stems loaded, and Behind The Beats video with Scratch Magazine TV featuring the winner track
Note that this pre-order price will change once official project is out. Take advantage!
**Again, please note that your contest entry does include the vinyl version + digital copy of the Soulful Stems 3. The winner will have his pre-order money credited back!**

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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J-Live – His Own Self (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals] [2015]

J-Live – His Own Self (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Peace be Still Instrumental
02. Mic Singletary Instrumental
03. Pay It Forward Instrumental
04. Old Shit Instrumental
05. I Just Don’t Instrumental
06. Get It Together Instrumental
07. I Am A Man Instrumental
08. Red & The Kid Instrumental
09. Be Still, Peace Instrumental
10. I Am A Man Remix Instrumental
11. The Greatest Thing Instrumental

J-Live – His Own Self (Instrumentals)

J-Live is known for being a triple threat consisting of equal parts, emcee, deejay and producer. On his previous albums, he’s famously collaborated with some of the best in the business like DJ Premiere, Diamond D, Prince Paul, Oddisee, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, RJD2, Nicolay DJ Spinna and many more. On the aptly titled “His Own Self”, the live one has opted to go the self produced route for the entire project for the first time since cutting his teeth with the “Always Will Be” EP of 2003. Like all the music that precedes it, the growth as an artist and a person is on full display in “His Own Self”. Enjoy.


BZK〒 – Yellow [Beat Tape] [2015]

BZK〒 – Yellow [Beat Tape]
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01. suicide
02. Things won’t change
03. Whatever happens, happens
04. With my bitch
05. internet
06. Ice cream
07. Aesthetics with Dev
08. depression
09. tonite
10. Dont do drugs

BZK〒 – Yellow


Xia-Dawn – Girls Love Beyoncé EP [E.P.] [2015]

Xia-Dawn – Girls Love Beyoncé EP [E.P.]
(Click Cover To Download)

01. So Young & (A Song 4 My Sister)
02. Already Grown (A Song 4 My Brother)
03. .your name’s
04. @flower 4 my future

Xia-Dawn – Girls Love Beyoncé EP


Mandog – HandPaw [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mandog – HandPaw [Beat Tape]
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01. SPECIAL REPORT (Confidential Mandog Intro) (Good Luck)
02. Host (of Problems)
03. The Swarm (Insectivorians)
04. Skills (Decent Sword) (On Sale)
05. Loss (Round 1)
06. Round 2 (Won)
07. Hermit (the Dog)
08. Broken Back (Camel) (Straw)
09. Listen to This
10. Get a Job (No Dogs Allowed) (…..?)
11. Rally (feat. No one)
12. EXECUTIVE ORDER *Bite The Hand That Feeds* (Gotta train a dog) (Pawvolution Interlude) (Return of HandPaw)
13. Hunter (Good Nose)
14. Fuel (Not A Good Toilet but Snacks)
15. Safe House (Rest)
16. Bounce Back (Reflexes) (Fast) (Killed a fly) (Bear Hands) (Damn Near)
17. 77.7 (BPM) (Really Tho) (DJs)
18. Hive Mind (That Ol Boogie Woogie) (Brain Washed) (Population)
19. Lo Anne Ultz (Back Story) (HandPaw/Opossubly)
20. All Starry Sorry (Polite) (Scrapes plate) (Clean Version) (Yo)
21. Baloney Station (Bus Stop) (Extended OG Dog Version)
22. Caught (In Traffic) (No Frogger) (Look Both Ways)
23. Dead (All Dogs Go to Heaven) (Death) (Of HandPaw?) /Ferret Faucet (Gwyneth pOutroy) (Opossubly Outro)

Mandog – HandPaw


Blaq Visionary – Tomorrow is Uncertain [Beat Tape] [2015]

Blaq Visionary – Tomorrow is Uncertain [Beat Tape]
(Click Cover To Download)

01. The Awakening
02. Foresight
03. 14th Street
04. Endure
05. Monday (Cloudy with a Chance of Rain)
06. XI:XI
07. INTJ
08. West Subconscious
09. I Found You
10. Mothership
11. Creativity Without Apologies
12. Tomorrow is Uncertain

Blaq Visionary – Tomorrow is Uncertain


Beat Trotterz – Beat Trotterz Volume #02 [Beat Tape] [2015]

Beat Trotterz – Beat Trotterz Volume #02 [Beat Tape]
(Click Cover To Download)

01. Simstep – Beat Trotter
02. Sample Sickness – Lullaby
03. Lord Faz – Somewhere Else
04. Nolan The Ninja – cloudi daze (92)
05. DJ Kesmo – From The
06. Bumble Bzz – Something From Me (DJ Hwang remix, cuts DJ Xyz)
07. Lad’z – Steack Barbar
08. Nu Era – NÜ hip-hop
09. Låpsley – Falling Short (Simstep remix)
10. Sample Sickness – Hot
11. Lord Faz – Acid Wave
12. Bmbu – Longitude
13. Kartoon – Ecoute (prod. Lord Faz)
14. Lad’z – Lardoom’s
15. Flosstrdamus & GTA & Lil Jon – Prison Riot (Simstep remix)
16. Nu Era – DNF Propa
17. Lord Faz – Hands Up
18. Sample Sickness – Cracked
19. Nu Era – Troy
20. MIA & The Partysquad – Double Bubble Trouble (Lord Faz remix)

Beat Trotterz – Beat Trotterz Volume #02


dasd – Keller Flavour 2 [Beat Tape] [2015]

dasd – Keller Flavour 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Tomi´s Revenge
03. Oscar
04. Keep it Down feat.FB7
05. Tranquillo
06. One for me feat. DJ FineIce
07. Promise
08. Keep it Down Instrumental

dasd – Keller Flavour 2

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette


Humble Pious – Beats For Metta [Beat Tape] [2015]

Humble Pious – Beats For Metta [Beat Tape]
(Click Cover To Download)

01. Egg In The Tsar pt2
02. October beat
03. Alaskan Bitches ft Jacob Brant
04. Soul vs Sam
05. Flying Over Prague ft Ollie GB
06. UN5
07. Daa Moody Cunt
08. Mellow Gang (INDICA ORGANIC)
09. Love Sign ft Jacob Brant

Humble Pious – Beats For Metta


Scott Xylo – A Week With Out You EP [E.P.] [2015]

Scott Xylo – A Week With Out You EP [E.P.]
(Click Cover To Download)

01. I Still Miss You.
02. Can’t Let You Go.
03. Soryy.
04. You’re still on my mind.

Scott Xylo – A Week With Out You EP