KIDBEAT – Bipolar Proud EP [E.P.] [2015]

KIDBEAT – Bipolar Proud EP [E.P.]
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01. Six Lips [Intro]
02. Champion Breakfast
03. It’s You
04. Funkquilibrium
05. When The Next? [Outro]

KIDBEAT – Bipolar Proud EP [E.P.]

Also Available: Panorama Musique White Logo Tee

“Suburbs” is the new refreshing series of beat tapes, dropped on Panorama Musique Records, focusing on beats, sampling, boom bip.
Suburbs is an urban landscape, evolving through sounds and pictures.
Suburbs is a powerful flow, you can’t escape from.

Suburbs #1 – KidBeat – Bipolar Proud
“Bipolar Proud” is loving the opposites in their own fullness. 5 tracks exploring opposite moods, from happiness to melancholia, passing through genres such as hip hop and drum and bass, with a blend of funky samples and a jazzy attitude.


Denmark Vessey — Martin Lucid Dream EP [E.P.] [2015]

Denmark Vessey — Martin Lucid Dream EP [E.P.]
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01. “Warning” featuring Guilty Simpson (Produced by Denmark Vessey)
02. “Dr. Martin Lucid Dream” featuring Tanya Morgan (Produced by Azarias)
03. “Don’t Smoke K2” (Produced by T-White)
04. “Nerd Niggas” (Produced by Denmark Vessey)
05. “Chemtrails” (Produced by T-White)
06. “Think Happy Thoughts” (Prod. by Exile) “Keep Your Hoes In Check” (Prod. by Azarias)
07. “Be Great” featuring Black Milk (Produced by Denmark Vessey)
08. “Everyday” featuring Mosel & Stretch Money (Produced by Denmark Vessey)

Denmark Vessey — Martin Lucid Dream EP


Us Natives Records – Us [Compilation] [2015]

Us Natives Records – Us [Compilation]
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01. Prozak Morris – The Tragic Malfunctioning of Roger The Robot
02. Fifsuntzu – Far East Funk [Track 6]
03. evolv – Spirit In The Woods
04. Purple Dialect – Cube Gleamin’
05. Kor’Disepz – DeadWdz
06. Dr. Bloodmoney – Call Serpico Boys
07. Saga Asad – King Ivory
08. Soulchief. – Withyou
09. eLiMenCe – Chinese Finger Trap
10. Droid Daughter – Airhog Joint
11. Heddy Fur – Flitter Wings [Track 5]
12. Fifsuntzu – Archetypez
13. Brain Orchestra – [addicted]
14. Us Natives – New River
15. Ill Clinton – My Fingers Hurt
16. Filthy Rich – Slum Days
17. Telnet – Beyond

Cassette Only Release

We have teamed with a community program that provides Holiday gifts for children in the Philadelphia area. All proceeds from this album will be used to provide a local Philadelphia area family of 4 [Mother, Daughter and 2 Sons ] with gifts and food for the holidays. We will be purchasing and wrapping presents for each child and providing a gift card to a local food store for the parents. We will be posting photos of the gifts and wrapping festivities so that each and every person who purchases this cassette can see just how much of an impact they have personally. Every dollar from this project will be going to this family, no matter how small or large, please consider getting involved.

We have to have gifts, etc. dropped off by December 1st.

This album features tracks that were released in 2015 on Us Natives Records


blu -$200 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

blu -$200 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. The Fronts
02. Lunch Money
03. Cali Funk
04. Yeah
05. I Never Sleep
06. Jackin’ Tacos
07. Walk By
08. Clean Cut
09. Beeper Buddy
10. Eastside
11. I Was One
12. The Machine
13. Moon Dance
14. Raw Phone
15. Sugar Grass
16. Same O’ Beat
17. Weekend Cuddle
18. Don’t Fall Off
19. The Second First Scarface Album
20. And The Viktor Vaughn Beat

blu -$200 Dollar Beats


blu – $100 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

blu – $100 Dollar Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Fav Her Monica
02. Our Very Latest
03. Money In L.A.
04. The New Bop
05. Bad Girl
06. Durango
07. So Much To Do Today
08. Dinner Receipt
09. The Biiz
10. Real Steel
11. The Monkey Suit
12. What ?
13. Blue Clinton
14. You Suck !
15. Count Sleep
16. Blow Up Ya Box
17. Pour Out A Lil Liquor
18. A Revlon Commercial (Extended)
19. Red Bull
20. Colors You Never Seen

blu – $100 Dollar Beats


Jeepz – Soul Spins [Beat Tape] [2015]

Jeepz – Soul Spins [Beat Tape]
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01. Proem [Ft. Just Jamaal the Poet]
02. Blu Moon [Ft. Blu]
03. Check the Resumé [Ft. G.Grand, Hyf Gypsy Sun, & Raul Perez]
04. Louder!
05. Feel Good Donut [Ft. Ghettosocks & Nilla]
06. Maybe It’s Love [Ft. Mayoori]
07. 50/50 Vision [Ft. Buck-n-Nice & City Fidelia]
08. One Two [Ft. Shaun Carlo]
09. Addiction
10. Trying to Reach [Ft. Just Poets]
11. Palm Trees [Ft. Eddie Brock & Kay Flow]
12. Milk Crates [Cuts by DJ So Nice]
13. Spirit of Noise [Ft. Jvon Lawrence & Kanoe]
14. I Was a Star [Ft. Beaugé]
15. Slow Down [Ft. Cannon2x, Prufrock, Apollo]
16. Damoiselle [Ft. Lisa Fowler]
17. Coda [Ft. Jenna Whiteley & King Kimbit]

Jeepz – Soul Spins

Canadian (Ottawa) beatmaker Jeepz returns with his highly-anticipated 50th collection of instrumentals Soul Spins. Celebrating the three-year journey from the first instrumental release in February 2012 to now, Soul Spins features the voices and talents of an array of artists Jeepz has encountered along the way.

With guest features from an array of collaborators new and old, from longtime partners Just Poets to highly acclaimed Californian emcee Blu, Jeepz has fused the work of spoken word poets, emcees, DJ’s, singers, musicians, and visual artists from Canada the U.S. and France, with his ‘vintage futuristic boom-bap’.

From soulful and mood-setting smooth joints, to gritty and hard-hitting bangers, Soul Spins embodies the Jeepz sound. Lush, layered, and head-nodding instrumentals that feel like classic hip-hop and 2015 collided over dusty drum breaks.


Amerigo Gazaway – Selective Hearing Vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2010]

Amerigo Gazaway – Selective Hearing Vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Nocturnal Twilight
02. Mr. E
03. Joyride
04. Doppler Effect
05. Stop on By
06. Butter
07. The Madhatter
08. Midnight Jazz
09. Tio Juca
10. Sail Me Away

Amerigo Gazaway – Selective Hearing Vol. 1

Now available at: and

If you purchased the EP from me personally, your CD came with a free download code. Just go to and enter the code to download Selective Hearing Vol. 1 Remixes. If you purchased the EP online, you can send me a message via the contact page and I will email you a link to download the remixes for free.

Taken from

Selective Hearing Volume 1 from Nashville’s Amerigo Gazaway is a laid back Trip Hop holiday, a free form collage of soothing instrumentals, fresh sampling, cuts and chill beats. ‘Nocturnal Twilight’ starts off around 80 BPM with swanky horns and clarinet, infectious drums and scratching of samples leaving the listener relaxed, intrigued, slightly dazed.

Following is ‘Mr E’ beginning with funky synths, rocking beats and a groovy bass and more fresh scratching, it’s a bright tune with amusing beat repeats and edits. Stop on By’ utilizes deep beats and soulful vocal samples, slight filtering of sounds, and simple guitar riffs for a compelling tune.

The Madhatter’ embodies a child-like awe in the sounds, sweetly purring strings, a pensive jazzy clarinet, more cutting and scratching, lively drums and percussions. Sail Me Away’ ends the 10-track album with all around good vibes, a touch of funk, soul, a full kick drum, chopped up sweet vocals, deep bassline and relaxing melody. It’s like the feeling of coming home from a long trip or an epiphany of lovely thoughts, an album drawn from many influences it’s a beautifully composed treat.


CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA – Mapping The Futures Gone By [E.P.] [2015]

CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA – Mapping The Futures Gone By [E.P.]
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01. Sunstroke on Sunset Ridge
02. Sluice Box Tavern
03. Breakthrough at Hale Rock
04. We Sail Against The Heavy Gas
05. Clear Water Still
06. Star-Struck Canopy
07. Battle Of Fair Oaks (bonus track)

CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA – Mapping The Futures Gone By

Also Available On: VINYL or CD

“Mapping The Futures Gone By” [HNR55] furthers CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA’s exploration of dubby broken percussion and haunting found sounds. Sirens and lasers accent plaintive woodwind arrangements set against mbiras and bluesy guitars. Fitting in a time and place that’s uniquely it’s own, MTFGB is a travelogue to a lucid dream, a mining expedition or a trip to space–somehow nostalgic and familiar, yet somehow not at all.

This EP is the fourth release from CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA with Hit+Run. CFO has also appeared on Giles Peterson’s seminal compilation series “Brownswood Bubblers”(Volume 10), and contributed to Ninja Tune’s popular “Solid Steel” mix.

Contact Field Orchestra is produced by Damon Aaron. In 2008 he came across a box of 7″ tapes at an estate sale in Altadena that turned out to be field recordings of a turn-of-the century orchestra of ex-miners; recorded almost entirely with hand-made instruments and contact microphones. This became the source material for this collection of releases with Hit+Run.

“Mapping The Futures Gone By” is available in two very different limited-edition colored vinyl versions…green/bronze cave drip & green/black heavy-splattered 10″ vinyl… each housed in a one-of-a-kind hand silkscreened jackets printed by Hit+Run in downtown Los Angeles. Limited pressing of only 400 copies!

“Sounds like Tom Waits and Augustus Pablo smoking opium on the bayou.” — Kutmah


Exempt Specimenz- Authorized Vehicles [Video] [2005]

Exempt Specimenz- Authorized Vehicles [Video]

Exempt Specimenz are The Rhyme Mutilator(aka Vocoder Slim) and Dub Diode(aka Ernest Borg 9of3).
Authorized Vehicles Video shot entirely at Rose Hills Park and Recreation Center back in 2005.
Video was found, dusted for imprints, and uploaded for your visual entertainment.
New Exempt audio creations coming soon on Nebula 4 Recordings!


J Dilla – J Dilla Unreleased Exclusive Beats [Beat Tape] [2015]

J Dilla – J Dilla Unreleased Exclusive Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Dilla Intro
02. Dilla Beat 2
03. Dilla Beat 3
04. Dilla Beat 4
05. Dilla Beat 5
06. Dilla Beat 6
07. Dilla Beat 7
08. Dilla Beat 8
09. Dilla Beat 9
10. Dilla Beat 10
11. Dilla Beat 11
12. Dilla Beat 12

J Dilla – J Dilla Unreleased Exclusive Beats


J-Zone – Backyard Breaks [Drum Breaks] [2015]

J-Zone – Backyard Breaks [Drum Breaks]
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01. Epsom Salt (Bonus Break)*
02. Pushin’ Weight
03. The Bronx Is Burning
04. ’81 Cressida
05. In the Hole
06. Fleetwood Brougham
07. Cross Island Parkway
08. Rum Punch
09. Hey Josie
10. Spuyten Duyvil
11. En-Tee
12. King Cobra
13. Iron Horse
14. Phuck!
15. Woodpecker
16. Hi-There
17. Vendetta
18. Mongoose
19. Lucky Strikes

J-Zone – Backyard Breaks

Available On: 7″Vinyl

All drum breaks performed and recorded by J-Zone