Conductor Williams – Jordan vs Bird vs Conductor! [E.P.] [2019]

Conductor Williams – Jordan vs Bird vs Conductor! [E.P.](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Blow the cartridge02. One on One on One03. Slam dunk contest04. Three point contest05. Neo NES (Preview)Conductor Williams – Jordan vs Bird vs Conductor! Jordan vs Bird vs Conductor! by Conductor Williams

G Rocka – Dreamland [Beat Tape] [2019]

G Rocka – Dreamland [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Dreamland02. Out of Body03. Cosmos04. Hourglass05. Soul Twice Feat. Malik Glasgow06. Inception07. Hypnosis08. Sleep Paralysis09. Lycan Feat. Malik Glasgow10. Lucid11. Astral12. Base Reality (Tcis)13. Narcotics Feat. Ogbabyjesse14. Tarantino Sound15. Insomniacs (Preview)G Rocka – Dreamland Dreamland by G Rocka

DoubutsuSystem/0103Records – Take It Easy [Beat Tape] [2019]

DoubutsuSystem/0103Records – Take It Easy [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Take It Easy02. Love(Nice Echo Dub)03. Porangaba04. All Of Lies05. Cry In The Morning06. Lady Fly07. Treat You better08. Positive Word09. Bad Cpmpass10. Funky Form11. Main Sequence12. Secret Vision13. Fly For You14. Wadavent15. Crokets Dub16. Wyndy Away17. Somebody18. Get …

jacuzzi jefferson – anythingism [Beat Tape] [2019]

jacuzzi jefferson – anythingism [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. aries birthday02. taro03. oh baby04. diamonds05. foxes06. ’83 gadget07. salem08. spirit guides09. one time for dilla10. summers off11. namsayin12. how come13. eavesdropping14. burnt umber15. silk ocean daydream16. airplane mode (Preview)jacuzzi jefferson – anythingism anythingism by jacuzzi jefferson

WEIRD SAD MYSTERY – weirdsadmxstery [Beat Tape] [2019]

WEIRD SAD MYSTERY – weirdsadmxstery [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Download) 01. Zygote rope02. Radium girls march03. Whizzard04. Plutonium popsicle pete05. Ultra rare06. Total peace before the earth implodes interlude07. Uncanny valley08. Gakaizu09. Megatonic10. Purgatory/Kaiju mass11. Phantomenom12. Twilight zone13. Stronger14. Landing15. Zoids cash flow (Preview)WEIRD SAD MYSTERY – weirdsadmxstery weirdsadmxstery by …

Beat Culture & the SP-404: Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G [Video] [2019]

In the early 2000’s, Los Angeles cultivated an underground hip-hop beat culture, where every budding producer were on the same wavelength, experimenting like mad scientists in laboratories, and producing their next instrumental masterpieces.
A community formed around these artists who crafted a lo-fi, gritty sound that warbled and hissed like worn cassette tapes and vinyl. Glitched effects, samples and loops—driven along by a minimal kick/snare/hat groove—were created and performed on the Roland SP-404 Sampler.
This video shares memories from Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G but barely scratches the surface of a scene that grew from the roots of Project Blowed, Sketchbook, Boombox and Low End Theory. Now, from dedicated YouTube channels to SP-based Beat Maker showcases to loyal online communities, this underground beat culture from L.A has now found a global home.

Kavet the Catalyst a.k.a. KTC – All Kapakahi [Beat Tape] [2019]

Kavet the Catalyst a.k.a. KTC – All Kapakahi [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Makahiki02. Pua03. Ua04. Kali05. Aloha ‘Oe06. Mahina07. Makani08. Polu09. Ihu (bonus) (Preview)Kavet the Catalyst a.k.a. KTC – All Kapakahi All Kapakahi by Lightsleepers Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Aru-2 – Ayakashi Instruments [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Aru-2 – Ayakashi Instruments [Instrumental Album](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Sleepover02. Yoshiiiantwuan03. Step Up04. Hood Dog05. Bonker06. Dwell07. Lotion Playstation08. Daybreak09. Ayakashi Vo10. Adult11. Babe Ga12. Friends13. Acidays14. Mylove (Preview)Aru-2 – Ayakashi Instruments Ayakashi Instruments by Aru-2 Also Available On: Cassette Pre-Order [expected in May 2019]

DJ Yoda – Homecooking [Album] [2019]

DJ Yoda – Homecooking [Album](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. London Fields (feat. Joel Culpepper)02. Thornton Heath (feat. Omar)03. Rising Brook (feat. Eva Lazarus)04. Gospel Oak05. Kingswood (feat. Andrew Ashong)06. Abbey Road (feat. Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross & Henry Wu)07. Roxbury (feat. Edo.G and Nubya Garcia)08. Soweto (feat. Soweto)09. Hither Green …