Enter Monica – Twisted Grille [Beat Tape] [2017]

Enter Monica – Twisted Grille [Beat Tape]
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01. Twisted Grille
02. In The Lab Composing
03. Another 147
04. Roads
05. Average American
06. Born Again
07. Peace Lily
08. Relax
09. Can’t Get My Mind Off Of You
10. Speedball
11. Gangsta Strings

Enter Monica – Twisted Grille

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Debut release by the beat making duo Enter Monica.Get ready for 20 minutes of old skool vibes & boom bap realness. Beats and samples, plain and simple!


Pattern // Select – Selected Loops [Compilation] [2017]

Pattern // Select – Selected Loops [Compilation]
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01. A01 junyii. – intro
02. A02 Flughand – aamulla
03. A03 tomppabeats – tale
04. A04 L o o p S c h r a u b e r – invasion
05. A05 r i t u v l s – think u might
06. A06 raw flakes – lago
07. A07 Lxced. – sitting
08. A08 made in m – brisa
09. A09 ikarus. – sleepless
10. A10 bilo503 – mondayy
11. A11 o̶xela. – capture my purposes
12. A12 smog – homo homini lupus
13. A13 Odeeno – Silent Heart
14. A14 dream Entact. – [4u]
15. A15 walterwarm – gump
16. A16 GXNZX – pins & needles [ブルー]
17. A17 Dutchy – Vida
18. A18 crssspace – ssup110 mother
19. [KSG] – And
20. A20 kubes – bro_
21. A21 ali whales – exbtch 2
22. A22 rbchmbrs – 3rdy
23. RND1 – breakfast with waifu
24. shrimpnose – glimmer (feat. dzjackson)
25. A25 Ozark – breeeth
26. A26 Rhua – Ruk
27. A27 Dyze – Fantasma Cauldron
28. B01 budd hello – aawm
29. B02 Milch – Kajak
30. B03 daskidmo – sledge
31. B04 Juan RIOS – lucid dream
32. B05 CoryaYo – onmymind
34. B07 L One – Quest
35. B08 rateone. – midnight secrets
36. B09 rufus grimes – lemonade
37. B10 tusken. – venice
38. B11 emune – toke
39. B12 snares – quinova
40. B13 plusma x drwn. – highlights
41. B14 MF Eistee – echoes
42. B15 Philanthrope – Delusion
43. B16 Duktus – Now IT iS
44. B17 OohGi`- heart rate
45. B18 Robot Orchestra – Lavender
46. B19 Hans Hu$tle – naughty
47. B20 Grasime – Quosinus
48. B21 schmeichel – hoes ain`t callin

Pattern // Select – Selected Loops

Also Available On: Selected Loops Tape Cassette + Digital Album

Pattern//Select teamed up with swiss-based beat collective . t h e l o o p s . to produce the Selected Loops sampler. Curated by smog, drwn. and crssspace this tape represents the works of 48 artists from 10 different countries. Inspired by organic structures Klappmesser Production once again takes care of the visual aspect of this release.

“Portions of the rotting pulp were placed on a microscopic slide, divided into hundredths and thousandths of an inch. […] the granular dottings represent apple starch. The branching cellular structure represents the mycelium of a fungus penetrating the cells.”

– Frederick Watts, 1874


Spectacular Diagnostics – The SPEC Tape [Album/Instrumentals] [2017]

Spectacular Diagnostics – The SPEC Tape [Album/Instrumentals]
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01. Rambo Bars (featuring Conway the Machine, Chris Crack, Nolan the Ninja)
02. Ridin (featuring Jeremiah Jae)
03. Curse (featuring Chester Watson)
04. Fela Kuti (featuring LongLiveCarl)
05. Suite 93 (featuring Vic Spencer)
06. Ninjalude (featuring Nolan the Ninja)
07. Ghost Town (featuring Pyramid Vritra)
08. Blowin Circles (featuring Oliver the 2nd)
09. My Synthesizer (featuring Milo)
10. Ur Own Worst Enemy (featuring Quelle Chris)
11. Tommy Snort (featuring Westside Gunn & Conway the Machine)
12. Ew McNasty (featuring Vic Spencer)
13. Ketchups (featuring SmooVth)
14. Late Fees (featuring Snubnose Frankenstein)
15. Devils Food Cake (featuring Rast RFC)
16. Self Portrait
17. Woo Jokes
18. Maria Conchita
19. We Are Blind
20. Automatic Art
21. Wermser
22. Start Taking Notes
23. Troll Alarm
24. Lighters
25. Let it Play
26. Modern Times
27. Spice Boys
28. Plain Simple
29. Get Lost
30. Cue MOP Drops
31. Watch a Fly y y y
32. Katsudon Jazz
33. Banana Biscoff
34. Sea Pimps
35. Victory Lap Bands
36. YLW 01
37. Young Lennon
38. Discorama (featuring Grandmilly)
39. Road To Pesos (featuring Koncept Jackson)

Spectacular Diagnostics – The SPEC Tape

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Chicago native Spectacular Diagnostics brings us his ultimate collection with “The SPEC Tape.” A longtime veteran of the underground scene, SPEC cooks up the type of tracks that only a master beat artisan can serve. His instrumentals blur the lines between straight boom bap, lo-fi weirdness and experimental sonic wizardry.

As if this subterranean musical journey wasn’t enough, he’s brought a star studded group of raps biggest and brightest talent along for the ride. “The SPEC Tape” includes everything from both of Spectacular Diagnostics previous releases “Raw Game” and “Avant Raw.” The digital format also includes the previously unreleased “3UP” EP, which features collaborations with Grandmilly, Koncept Jack$on, al.divino, Crimeapple and SmooVth.


Mr.KiD – Cold Star [Beat Tape] [2017]

Mr.KiD – Cold Star [Beat Tape]
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01. But I’ve still got the blues for you
02. I waited for you under the shade of stars
03. Ballad of a fantastic love
04. Tomorrow, where you don’t exist
05. Let me hug you, baby
06. We can’t change everything, like the first time
07. Find love
08. So hard to say you goodbye
09. Stay with me a moment
10. Can’t take my eyes off you beauty
11. Memories of you
12. I’m sorry if you still hate me
13. The loneliness, the night and thoughts of you (edit)
14. You don’t know what love is

Mr.KiD – Cold Star


Eric Lau – One of Many (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals] [2017]

Eric Lau – One of Many (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Many (Instrumental)
02. Here (Instrumental)
03. Lily Of The Desert (Instrumental)
04. Rise Up (Instrumental)
05. Everytime (Instrumental)
06. The Gathering (Instrumental)
07. For You (Instrumental)
08. Guide You (Instrumental)
09. Closer (Instrumental)
10. We All Are (Instrumental)
11. Not Alone (Instrumental)
12. Divine (Instrumental)
13. Where To Go Now (Instrumental)
14. One (Instrumental)

Eric Lau – One of Many (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]


Rhyming Joints – EP 1 [E.P.] [2017]

Rhyming Joints – EP 1 [E.P.]
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01. Intro
02. Stone
03. Flare
04. Mystified
05. Hopeful
06. Prodigy
07. Uprising
08. Outro
09. Nothing U Do (Bonus Track)

Rhyming Joints – EP 1


Dj Karl Larado – Twx Bvck Chvck [Beat Tape] [2017]

Dj Karl Larado – Twx Bvck Chvck [Beat Tape]
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01. Merlot
02. Cabernet
03. Shiraz
04. Pinot Noir
05. Malbec
06. Chardonnay
07. Sauvignon
08. Riesling
09. Pinot Gris
10. Muscato
11. Gewurztraminer

Dj Karl Larado – Twx Bvck Chvck


Maxx Julian – SURPRISE​.​.​. NIGGAS​!​!​! [Beat Tape] [2017]

Maxx Julian – SURPRISE​.​.​. NIGGAS​!​!​! [Beat Tape]
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01. 99 Cents (Intro)
02. No Doubt About It
03. Interruptions
04. Mix It w/ Hen
05. Pork
06. Ride Out
07. Do Yo Own Thang!
08. Die… Niggas!
09. Kraftwerking
10. World Renown
11. Douche
12. Willie Lynch
13. Saggin Esirprus
14. Niggas… Die! (Outro)
15. . 00:06

Maxx Julian – SURPRISE​.​.​. NIGGAS​!​!​!

Government and culture are two diametrically opposed forces – one blinds and oppresses, the other uplifts and unites…



Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP [E.P.] [2017]

Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP [E.P.]
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01. Flora
02. Beat47
03. Perspective
04. Fly (with Frank)
05. Matress
06. This That
07. OGChrist – Outro

Slim The Chemist – Perspective EP

Ever since debuting on Dusted Wax Kingdom, Slim The Chemist’s forte has been productional diversity. From neck-snapping MPC beats on ‘Backyard Vibes’ and with his Raw Flavour Clik, to hip-moving Brazilian samples on ‘Em Poucas Palavras’. And exactly that variety is what you can expect of this new EP by the German beatmaker. ‘Perspective’, released in affiliation with The Find.

On “Fly”, a pianist (who happens to be Slim’s father) plays live keys over the mellow MPC tapping. The title track takes a completely different turn with an eerie beat—a good fit with preceding track “Beat47”, which makes the listener feel like being lost in a jungle, with an ancient MPC tribe creeping up from the bushes.

“The idea of the project was to capture different life moments through samples I found in various periods in time”, says Slim. “That’s where the name comes from: creating perspectives on certain life moments through layering rare samples to new compositions and different kind of vibes.”


Joint Productions – El Jimbo & Minamus (Grey Album) [Instrumentals] [2017]

Joint Productions – El Jimbo & Minamus (Grey Album) [Instrumentals]
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01. Early Minded (82.750 BPM)
02. Night Time (98.111 BPM)
03. Tender Moments (73.666 BPM)
04. Close To Me (81 BPM)
05. Never (94.750 BPM)
06. Moonset (86 BPM)
07. Castle Of Magic (76 BPM)
08. The Sun Died (80 BPM)
09. Sparkling In The Sand (82.444 BPM)
10. Southward (78.2 BPM)
11. Ideals (87.5 BPM)
12. Deer Forest (98.666 BPM)
13. Goodbye (84 BPM)
14. The End (93 BPM)

Joint Productions – El Jimbo & Minamus (Grey Album)


YUME – YUME [Beat Tape] [2017]

YUME – YUME [Beat Tape]
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01. F u j i i i i
02. G H O S T
03. h a r d s h i p
04. H I G H . F I V E
05. L o w t i d e
06. m a i n e
07. N I N E
08. o t a k u g a r d e n
09. S A C R E D
10. S W O R D . S T Y L E
11. w a v y g r a v y
12. X + Yz
13. Y M C A
14. G i t a
15. キャンディ


Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Aviary Bridge Records – Vol. 3: Carmine [Compilation] [2017]

Aviary Bridge Records – Vol. 3: Carmine [Compilation]
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01. Human Centerpiece – Memorie.
02. benji & north takoda – Sorrow
03. Existence Music – Introspection
04. LeVirya – Anodyne

Aviary Bridge Records – Vol. 3: Carmine


TrueHoustonEmcee – loop magicks EP [E.P.] [2017]

TrueHoustonEmcee – loop magicks EP [E.P.]
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01. Introduction
02. Evocation
03. Invocation
04. clairaudience
05. clairvoyance
06. paradigm

TrueHoustonEmcee – loop magicks EP

This EP is a collection of beats I’ve produced under a deep meditative state, and created to sound magickal and esoteric. I aimed to perfectly blend the art of sample based instrumental Lo-Fi, Trip Hop and metaphysics and occult. I hope you enjoy this short mix and can maybe use it for your own magickal practices.


Khromethesia – [New Wave Etc​.​] [Beat Tape] [2017]

Khromethesia – [New Wave Etc​.​] [Beat Tape]
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01. Challenge Accepted
02. Cry It Out
03. Red Rox
04. Find Me
05. Make Me Feel So Fine
07. Internet Killed the Rap Star
08. Chances
09. In My Car
10. Glass Heart
11. New Love
12. King of the World
13. Cash Box
14. Cool Baby (No Stranger)
15. One Time
16. Love Stain
17. Tor Moi

Khromethesia – [New Wave Etc​.​]


Mister Dizzy – Low Noise High Ouput [Beat Tape] [2017]

Mister Dizzy – Low Noise High Ouput [Beat Tape]
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01. VHS
02. Sunglasses at Night
03. Was It
04. Bay Highway
05. Chase Scene
06. Smooth
07. This Way
08. Too Bright
09. Walk the Walk

Mister Dizzy – Low Noise High Ouput

LOW NOISE, HIGH OUTPUT explores themes of nostalgia and retro fashion. It asks questions of what it means to be “hip,” and how that definition changes over time.

The album’s use of analog and lo-fi sounds evoke the image of an old portable radio, or the sounds and feelings of a VHS tape from a school science class. It embraces this reminiscence, while simultaneously filtering that innocence and misty-eyed fondness for the past through a lens of maturity and the long-steeped bitterness and cynicism of adulthood.


Mecca:83 – Let’s Get It (feat Grap Luva) [Single] [2017]

Mecca:83 – Let’s Get It (feat Grap Luva) [Single]
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01. Let’s Get It (feat Grap Luva)

Mecca:83 – Let’s Get It (feat Grap Luva)

Another week, another single from Life Sketches Vol.3!

Honestly i’ve been a Grap Luva fan since my teenage years. Ever since Pete Rock introduced the world to INI via ‘Fakin Jax’ i’ve been devouring every beats & rhyme the younger soul brother has provided. I never imagined that 20 years later i’d have the opportunity to work with him and be a part of his musical history. I’m still soaking it in. Honestly, I can’t say much more about this track other than LISTEN!

Infinite love to Jabba Tha Kut for firing up his turntablism, Donald Malloy for his horn work and Joel VDK for keeping the visual fresh.