Purple Dialect – victory [Beat Tape] [2018]

Purple Dialect – victory [Beat Tape]
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01. star saber
02. lotus
03. energon crates
04. super god masterforce
05. alpha trion
06. zeno redux feat. thegreyorange
07. voyager
08. return to the forest fortress
09. kick (sp404 OG file)
10. kaiju

Purple Dialect – victory

ICBM – 8 Dayz Instrumentalz [Instrumentals] [2018]

ICBM – 8 Dayz Instrumentalz [Instrumentals]
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01. Thanks (Instrumental Version)
02. Ella (Instrumental Version)
03. Motion (Instrumental Version)
04. The Calm (Instrumental Version)
05. La Rencontre (Instrumental Version)
06. Nice To Be Here (Instrumental Version)
07. Touch (Instrumental Version)
08. I Can (Instrumental Version)
09. The Escape (Instrumental Version)
10. One Way (Instrumental Version)
11. 1251 (Instrumental Version)

ICBM – 8 Dayz Instrumentalz

goo & zangi – Fill In [Beat Tape] [2018]

goo & zangi – Fill In [Beat Tape]
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01. zangi – Dress Area
02. goo – Ah Ah
03. zangi – Midnight Planet
04. goo – polyethylene
05. zangi – MiZELΔBLE
06. goo – Dance×3
07. zangi – Nasty Tarvo
08. goo – pour
09. zangi – Splatta
10. goo – Viva Hate
11. zangi – Adam’s Point
12. goo – H I T O K I R I
13. zangi – Struggle Noise
14. goo – Mohican
15. zangi – Blossom tears
16. goo – Metronom
17. zangi – less.
18. goo – TAI YOU
19. zangi – Deep Proglam
20. goo – Slightly out of focus

goo & zangi – Fill In

Saltfeend – Salt Hop [E.P.] [2018]

Saltfeend – Salt Hop [E.P.]
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01. In Ma’ Brain
02. Flexin’ Labels
03. Lunch w/Josh
04. Life Finds A Way

Saltfeend – Salt Hop

We are pleased to launch the debut EP, entitled ‘Salt Hop’, from DJ / producer Saltfeend.

Based in Portland, OR, Saltfeend has been performing and DJ’ing since 1998, crafting beats, contributing to the long standing Portland dub/bass night ‘Signal’, and more recently running his own club night ‘Gravitate’.

As the name suggests, Salt Hop is a collection of electronic Hip-Hop compositions, produced over the course of 2017, and early 2018.
Salt Hop is a four-tracker EP that packs lo-fi crunch, densely textured layers, and cutting edge synth work.

Steam the full release on Soundcloud and grab a copy from Bandcamp at free / donation pricing. Soon to be up on Itunes, Spotify and all other good digital music outlets.

Printempo – Dismantled Vision [Beat Tape] [2018]

Printempo – Dismantled Vision [Beat Tape]
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01. Dripping
02. Permanent
03. Tree on the Shelf
04. Round Square
05. Moderate Bang
06. Please, Hold The Line I
07. Dismantled Vision
08. Black Carpet
09. Sound Sense
10. Intersubjective Investigation
11. Our Goal
12. Please, Hold The Line II

Printempo – Dismantled Vision

Printempo, the author of 2 classic, painstakingly organic trip-hop albums, is back with another masterpiece.
“Dismantled Vision” is inspired by reversal film captured in slides and that itself is the best, even so enigmatic, recommendation. The analog vibe is pouring through Author’s projection, showing us nothing but living colors.

The album begins almost in a pure Hitchcock’s style. The explosion in the form of “Dripping” is the essence of the organic Downtempo. Natural drums in conjunction with solid bass will not let you forget about itself. Add to it surprising synthesizers and you will receive a song that will not disappoint any fan of eclectic combinations. As the following seconds pass, the album slightly drops its aggressive tone in order to make space for a more sublime atmosphere. “Tree on the shelf” is like a journey through a magical garden full of unexplained events and unresolved threads. Tension is growing.
“Moderate bang” is a truly innovative and captivating tribute to the Age of Disco. “Black Carpet” shows stories as if not of this earth, and does it with grace and a certain dose of an avant-garde. A powerful track influenced heavily by Jazz. The tension is still growing.
“Our Goal” shows the finale of this chilling story. A finale that ends with a feeling of accomplishment.

MIND ROMES – Chronic 1985 – Chronslevania [Remixes] [2018]

MIND ROMES – Chronic 1985 – Chronslevania [Remixes]
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01. Intro-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
02. The Watcher-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
03. Still DRE-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
04. Light Speed-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
05. Forgot About Dre-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
06. The Next Episode-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
07. Lets Get High-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre
08. G Thang-Mind Romes Remix-Dr.Dre (Bonus Track)

MIND ROMES – Chronic 1985 – Chronslevania

Chronic 1985 – Chronslevania is a remix I produced combining Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 with various NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) classics such as Zelda, Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. This 8 track EP commemorates the music of Dr. Dre and the creators of my favorite video games.
Dre’s music and NES games are great models for breaking limitations in art. They both used technology and artistic expression to create captivating master pieces. I sourced the sample material for “Chronic 1985” by playing every level of the Castlevania series on the original NES. The inability to beat a level would affect the amount of sample material used for the project. Similar to the evolution of hip-hop, innovation and limitation have played key roles in my creative process.
Having the EP as a focal point, I then created an animated video to visually merge the projects together. Further, I’ve coded an 8-bit style video game that is available for play at www.mindromes.com. It is a fully interactive album video featuring every track off the “Chronic 1985” EP plus some. You can fight your way through Chronslevania to find Dracula and stop him from making whack music.
I would like to express that this video and album in particular are made and posted for personal satisfaction and no money is made from this project in any way. It is created to celebrate the achievements of Nintendo, Konami and Dr. Dre along with Aftermath Entertainment, and Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records.

STEPS – dust. beattape vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2018]

STEPS – dust. beattape vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. 1
02. 2
03. 3
04. 4
05. 5
06. 6
07. 7
08. 8
09. 9
10. 10
11. 11
12. 12
13. 13
14. 14
15. 15
16. 16
17. 17
18. 18
19. 19
20. 20
21. 21
22. 22
23. 23
24. 24
25. 25
26. 26
27. 27
28. 28

STEPS – dust. beattape vol. 1

Library Science – Astrological Archives [Beat Tape] [2018]

Library Science – Astrological Archives [Beat Tape]
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01. Perchance
02. Commercial Yiddish
03. Pocket Change
04. Bows & Arrows
05. Dead Balloons
06. Breakfast
07. Mess With The Bull
08. Ear Poison
09. Conform
10. Your Aunts Condition
11. Pocket Stars
12. GEC
13. Pine Scent
14. Your Dad
15. Something Funny
16. Suffer
17. Drone Strike
18. Memories
19. Oh Brother
20. Blue
21. Secret Police

Library Science – Astrological Archives

Also Available On: Library Science: Astrological Archives Cassette

The Astrological Archives (a space craft designed to hold all of earths audio) are destroyed and the shattered remains are frantically pieced back together by the ships only employee. These are the results.

Download the album and read the attached redacted document to get a better understanding of the plot.

The entirety of the album was created using and SP-404SX and recordings from old records and radio plays from Archive.org. The only sounds not form those old recordings are some drums.

Archive.org. has no affiliation with this album but is a great place to look at many different old audio and video files and after you buy this album you should donate money to them.

JDZZ – LofiLoops [Beat Tape] [2018]

JDZZ – LofiLoops [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Body and Soul
03. The Peacocks
04. Beach, Ass And Beer
05. Shame
06. Interludio Belly Full
07. Police State
08. Red Eyes
09. Oh Honey
10. Grow Up (Bonus Track)
11. Nothing Like This
12. Outro

JDZZ – LofiLoops

Also Available On: Limited Edition Hand-Numbered Cassette

The name of this work says it all. “LofiLoops” is the result of JDZZ’s experiences on the SP404SX. Raw, deep and nostalgic loops that fit perfect to the end of the winter.

JDZZ is a beat producer coming out of Coquimbo, a port city in the north of Chile.

Various Artist – First Sips [Compilation] [2018]

Various Artist – First Sips [Compilation]
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01. bluørangee – heart microwave
02. TiMT – I’m back
03. point5 aka navigate – This can’t be
04. SENSEI40 – beat821
05. b0nds – life on mars
06. j.b. green – nevagoodb4
07. audi bamer – a m n e s i a
08. toetensen – duisburgs finest
09. Wizard of Loneliness – stagger home
10. ƒreddy.ƒisk – Feels
11. Dr. Doppler – tmbte

Various Artist – First Sips

It was a long time dream to start a label. This is the first “Hello World” of the label called “Liquor Spill”.

I asked these 11 artists that hail from Austria, Germany, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy and the USA. All of ’em were ready to support me with a track of theirs, even though there was no Label yet and I was a no-name in the biz.

The tracks are compiled in the way you can enjoy a little travel through modern, craftful beatmaking and so you get an idea in which directions Liquor Spill could be active in the future.

That said: I’m really happy with the beats I got and hope so are you, dear downloader. Hope you get interested in what this label and the artists of this compilation are making in the future.

Big thanks (in alphabetical order) to .5 aka navigate, audi bamer, bluørangee, b0nds, Dr. Doppler, ƒreddy.ƒisk, j.b. green, sensei40, TiMT, toetensen & Wizard of Loneliness.
Check their Links below!

Thanks a lot to my graphics guy Phlop Frei, who designed the CI and the cover to this release!
Check him out here: www.facebook.com/phlopdesign/

Have fun with these 11 tracks and thanks for checking out the music!

Mr. Liquor Spill

Starchildluke – NOMAD [Beat Tape] [2018]

Starchildluke – NOMAD [Beat Tape]
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02. GAMEover (crashed)
03. 4DiCultr
04. Close Enough
05. Devil’s Drawers
07. Red&Blk
09. Strung Along
11. Thnx4Lstn’n

Starchildluke – NOMAD

KONDUCTA BEATS – Futuristic Love [Beat Tape] [2018]

KONDUCTA BEATS – Futuristic Love [Beat Tape]
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01. Futuristic Love
02. In Love
03. Open your Eyes
04. Mediterraneo
05. Autumn Flower
06. Lullaby
07. Metropoli
08. Pájaros de Barrio
09. Brown Skin Lady´s Love
10. 5 Min.
11. Vibes
12. Smile
13. Sueños Húmedos
14. Ego

KONDUCTA BEATS – Futuristic Love

JBzXII – 1 D̶0̶N̶T̶ C4R3 [Beat Tape] [2018]

JBzXII – 1 D̶0̶N̶T̶ C4R3 [Beat Tape]
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01. Blu3
02. L3v3l 3
03. Wint3r Lov3
04. H3r Zon3
05. R3al Fri3ndz
06. Int3rvi3wz Pt. 5
07. R – Typ3 4
08. H3r
09. Futur3 Cloudz
10. Int3rvi3wz Pt.6
11. Th3rapy
12. N3v3r Di3
13. Pray3rz
14. N3v3r 3asy

JBzXII – 1 D̶0̶N̶T̶ C4R3

Nenjah Nycist – love​.​lo: a lo​-​fi beat tape [Beat Tape] [2018]

Nenjah Nycist – love​.​lo: a lo​-​fi beat tape [Beat Tape]
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01. eye understand
02. smoova than sung
03. saturday
04. save your samples
05. time was short
06. route love
07. heartloveliveyou
08. slow time
09. save the drums
10. nineteen eight one
11. can’t believe it
12. last ones

Nenjah Nycist – love​.​lo: a lo​-​fi beat tape

From the heart of nenjah nycist:

“for the loved ones eye lost to cancer and disease. created during a mourning period in my life, “love.lo” is a low fidelity soundtrack about love, life, death, and understanding. eye only wish to pay tribute to the loved ones to keep their spirit high – something they have done for me countless times throughout my existence. in times where we feel hopelessness and despair, one can only realize that energy is neither created nor destroyed. what we see isn’t always what’s real and what’s real isn’t always what we see. thank you for listening as always and find time today to spread love, love yourself, and love.lo.” – nenjah