Telly Hendrxxx ​- ​Lonely Wolf [Beat Tape] [2017]

Telly Hendrxxx ​- ​Lonely Wolf [Beat Tape]
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01. Full Moon Intro
02. The Forgotten
03. Walk Alone
04. Die Alone…
05. Dark
06. Fuck Cancer ft James tato bologna
07. End of the Beginning
08. Love (voicemail)
09. i’m alive
10. Melissa
11. the hunt
12. lonely wolf

Telly Hendrxxx ​- ​Lonely Wolf


2Hei – Hiko Tamashi [Beat Tape] [2017]

2Hei – Hiko Tamashi [Beat Tape]
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01. “Flying Soul”
02. ikari_mahown
03. Mi No Coward
04. Duncan’s Bankshot
05. Smooth Takeover
06. Good Lord Sweet Baby Jesus!!!
07. JS (What Does It Take)
08. Addicted To You
09. Sesshomahru
10. 2hei Speaks…
11. Teaser…

2Hei – Hiko Tamashi


Tarik Sabar & KK@XOKK – SCHOOL DAYS [E.P.] [2017]

Tarik Sabar & KK@XOKK – SCHOOL DAYS [E.P.]
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01. 5678
07. LOUD (The Ultimatum)
08. TAIL (The Prize)
09. Fever



Logidy – A feast of friends [Beat Tape] [2017]

Logidy – A feast of friends [Beat Tape]
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01. a1. the catchy introduction
02. a2. the funky one
03. a3. the one about weed
04. a4. the real one
05. a5. the one with the kink
06. a6. the one that slipped through the cracks
07. a7. the deeper one
08. a8. the premature outro
09. b1. the stroller
10. b2. the floating one
11. b3. the clingy one
12. b4. the one that makes me think about marlboros
13. b5. the one that doesn’t fit
14. b6. the real finisher

Logidy – A feast of friends

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette (100 copies)


BKA Iz – Hibernate [Beat Tape] [2017]

BKA Iz – Hibernate [Beat Tape]
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01. Categorized
02. Sweet Dreams
03. Gaman
04. Ghost
05. Princess
06. Black Room

BKA Iz – Hibernate


TrueHoustonEmcee – BeaTape Vol​.​14: e s o t e r i c waves [Beat Tape] [2017]

TrueHoustonEmcee – BeaTape Vol​.​14: e s o t e r i c waves [Beat Tape]
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01. Move Around
02. Cruise Chaser
03. Hip Harp
04. In and Out
05. Bumpin’
06. Raw Intuition
07. lurker
08. Galant (Temporary Remix)
09. Lazybird
10. back alley
11. Dipper
12. contact
13. Ease
14. loopism
15. midnight high
16. sunset baked
17. ZEN
18. Something More
19. Altitude
20. follow that star!
21. oops I forgot to name it
22. when you’re alone
23. that was dope af (Outro)

TrueHoustonEmcee – BeaTape Vol​.​14: e s o t e r i c waves

Also Available Now On - BeaTape Vol.14: e s o t e r i c waves Cassette + Digital Album

This beattape is a collection of instrumentals produced over a period of 4 months, with unique and familiar sounds including Trip Hop, Lo-Fi, Old School Hip Hop and Jazz. Whether you’re chilling relaxing and need some vibes, or looking to explore and host new music for parties, this beat tape will surely be a nice record for you and your friends. I hope you enjoy the experience and share with your friends. 🙂
This album marks my 14th volume beattape, with volume 1 first releasing in 2007.
The beats are free to use for your songs or videos or what have you, I only ask that you either buy the album here, or contact me for lease info, and providing credit for the instrumental in use.
TrueHoustonEmcee;Jonathan Gonzales, is an artist/producer for the music group label LoFi Collections and a member of Super Secret Lo-Fi Beat Collective


L’Rain – L’Rain [Instrumentals] [2017]

L’Rain – L’Rain [Instrumentals]
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01. Heavy (But Not in Wait)
02. Stay, Go (Go, Stay)
03. Bat
04. Alive and a Wake
05. Benediction
06. A Toes (Shelf Inside Your Head)
07. Go, Stay (Stay, Go)
08. July 14th, 2015
09. Which Fork / I’ll Be

L’Rain – L’Rain

Also Available On: Limited Edition Glass Vial USB

Time is twisted on L’Rain, the debut release by L’Rain (Taja Cheek), a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, tape manipulator and vocalist from Brooklyn.

Rising on a wave of synths and breathy sax, the album unfolds with electric guitar arpeggios and undulating vocal swells, unwrapping a dense psychedelic arrangement grounded by clattering acoustic drum patterns and the ephemeral soars of Cheek’s voice.

Reversed audio swells in track endings and beginnings obscure vocal content, exploring the same track from multiple angles and with different meanings. Reprised piano tape loops reflect Cheek’s formal music education, during which she would fixate on a phrase of piano sheet music and play it repeatedly, imagining new songs. The baroque pop aspects of L’Rain are marked by a childlike levity, deepening and mystifying the painful reality Cheek faced as an adult during its production: the loss of her mother.

Cheek’s mother became suddenly ill during the album’s writing and production, but grief appears in the recordings in a complicated way. The lyrics never explicitly mention her mother, as the songs were written with unrelated sorrow in mind. But by the end of producing L’Rain, the work turned out to be very much about her… more


IUTL H.E.R. Facebook – ‘You Gon’ Learn Today’ Mixtape [Mixtape] [2017]

IUTL H.E.R. Facebook – ‘You Gon’ Learn Today’ Mixtape [Mixtape]
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01. SpeakingOnIt Intro
02. Juggurnaut Loco (Beat by Kule Rave Ecks) – Lean
03. Son Ra – PUIG
04. EisaThaGod – The Call Of The Streets
05. Dorian Grey – Random Spit 2017
06. EruptOne – Ain’t Nothin’ For Free
07. What Up Interlude
08. EisaThaGod feat. Juggurnaut Loco and Be Brave – Seein’ Me
09. ProtoKhasm – pushxhard
10. Dorian Grey – Blackish
11. Da Fam Immediate – Hard Hash
12. Juggurnaut Loco x EisaThaGod x BeBrave – Love All Around The World
13. Indigo Lee – Watching Lifetimes
14. AGILE x BQ x Spit Doctor – Point Of No Return
15. ProtoKhasm – dampenedxsenses
16. Kule Rave Ecks – Bet Cha Boogie

IUTL H.E.R. Facebook – ‘You Gon’ Learn Today’ Mixtape


Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha – Transcendental Harmony [Beat Tape] [2017]

Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha – Transcendental Harmony [Beat Tape]
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01. Are You High Enough
02. Flying Higher Than A Bird
03. Low Vision Dreams
04. Open Air
05. Supreme Zen
06. Watery Eyes

Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha – Transcendental Harmony


Meakoom + Bare Beats – ME [E.P. / Instrumentals] [2017]

Meakoom + Bare Beats – ME [E.P. / Instrumentals]
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01. Loner
02. Move
03. IDMY (I don’t miss you)
04. Loner (Instrumental)
05. Move (Instrumental)
06. IMDY (Instrumental)

Meakoom + Bare Beats – ME

MeaKoom and Bare Beats put together an impromptu lyrically freestyled LoFi Project. ME


Khromethesia – [Nola Etc​.​] [Beat Tape] [2017]

Khromethesia – [Nola Etc​.​] [Beat Tape]
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01. Wild Creation
02. Come With Me
03. Fat’s Shoes
04. Big Hirt
05. Funky Get Down
06. Booker’s Lament
07. Gimme Love
08. Explore
09. Any Day Now
10. Feel Good Music
11. If You Want
12. Lagniappe
13. Longhair Logic
14. Sleepless in Nola
15. Magic Woman
16. Red Roses 2
17. Today’s a Good Day
18. Porter Orleans
19. Dr. Bounce
20. Sugah Lips
21. Summer Luv
22. When in New Orleans

Khromethesia – [Nola Etc​.​]


BsideByWale – M e d e e t a y s h u n [Compilation] [2017]

BsideByWale – M e d e e t a y s h u n [Compilation]
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01. Wun Two – Thgin
02. Fitz Ambro$e – Tghtr
03. Ahwlee & Dutchy – Meduhtayshun
04. Foisey – Lifestyle
05. Chuk Le Garcon – Lust For You_Long
06. Tropes – Mystic Move
07. Kvze aka David Straange – ..Leavemebe..
08. Curtis – Jefferson And Harris D
09. Hddan – Caverns
10. WoodGrainVicious – CoCo
11. Iller The Abstract – Peace
12. LoVibe – Magees
13. Submerse – KellyKapowski
14. Handbook – Feel The Breeze
15. A-robb – 13
16. Amai – Xanta With The Fanta
17. Abhi//Dijon – Let Down

BsideByWale – M e d e e t a y s h u n

Available On: Cassette


NU.BOURBON – RAW COMPUTAH [Beat Tape] [2017]

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01. RWCmptIn-to
02. Eight8
03. cHAnt
04. EqN.X.-willnevanevadie
05. nu_frȍntieer
09. St◌p_Fever
11. Sorcin’
12. Funk 707
13. brinnš
14. blue_rhiino
15. Nuvoletta_S0nG
16. dat_crÆzy_Guy(mselɟ)
17. ZppA_LØØP


When love for beatmaking meets extreme experimentation, the genius of NU.BOURBON

is born. #RawComputah is a collection of 17 instrumentalities made in the last two years by Vincenzo who, taking refuge in the studio after work has drawn on raw material as discs, cassettes , vhs and some analog toy, for beats that arise as mind and spirit exercises: they are faced – and successfully – to make the confused images of the metropolis ever more globalized and even hostile.

“The key is in the restlessness of the sound: I have opted for a different and unexpected sound, inserting my cultural influences from time to time: Mario Merola’s films, 70’s sci-fi, avant-garde Neapolitan pastry and Free Jazz , the Gangsta Rap and Gigi Proietti, then there is Dub and the hell of Neapolitan poetry, video games and John Carpenter …
In the studio, to keep me company, there was almost always my lady and a good beer or a deco ” NU.BOURBON


Kazumi Kaneda – Hard Light [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kazumi Kaneda – Hard Light [Beat Tape]
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01. Impulse
02. Empty Planet
03. Hourglass
04. Night Fox
05. Smog
06. Code Page
07. Tinnitus
08. Single Call
09. Infinite Verification
10. Mind Relaxation
11. Ink Ribbon
12. Marvellous (feat. NiCE)
13. No Way Out

Kazumi Kaneda – Hard Light

Also Available On: 12″ LP or Tape Cassette

Hard Light is the 3rd full length album by the talented jazz musician and composer Kazumi Kaneda. The second release on Inner Ocean Records, the album is as uplifting as it is precise, with fantastic swinging drum arrangements that take masterful piano and guitar arrangements to a world of instant cool. A little bit throwback, a little bit lofi, and a lot of pure feeling, this jazzy hip hop release feels right in a smoke filled lounge or in your car stereo while you cruise toward the sunset.

A wildly artistic producer, Kaneda’s Hard Light was produced and mastered entirely by himself in his Tokyo home studio, with the imaginative album artwork also his own.


smeyeul – These Sounds [Beat Tape] [2017]

smeyeul – These Sounds [Beat Tape]
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01. leaves rustling in the wind
02. i thought you liked jazz
03. echos of the night
04. my destiny is profilled
05. ive never seen so many stars
06. kiss me before you go
07. magnolias in the garden (feat eclipse)
08. her wandering gaze
09. more than a noise
10. these sounds
11. summer flowers
12. i used to whisper it will be alright

smeyeul – These Sounds

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette