L.Boy Jr. – RADIO DADA NOISE [Beat Tape] [2017]

L.Boy Jr. – RADIO DADA NOISE [Beat Tape]
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01. Side one
02. Side two


Also Available On: Limited edition k7 print at Musée de l’Imprimerie, Nantes Cassette


Various Artists – Humble Dubbers LP [Compilation] [2017]

Various Artists – Humble Dubbers LP [Compilation]
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01. Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players – Worth a Dub
02. Ticklah – Nine Years
03. Colman Brothers – Momo (Skinshape Remix)
04. Shimi Sonic – Sailor Dub
05. Lo End Dub – Stop The War
06. Yesking – Overproof (Version)
07. Kabanjak – Shadow Dub
08. Dubmatix – Protection Dub
09. Victor Rice & Coldspot 8 – Roll Down Dub
10. Resonators – Dub in my Sky

Various Artists – Humble Dubbers LP

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12” Vinyl LP (Black)

Greece’s premier downtempo and lounge label Melting Records is branching out into like-minded genres with a new series titled MRSPECIAL. The releases in this series are indeed special, featuring a focus on a different style of music each time. This inaugural issue – Humble Dubbers – tackles the intertwining worlds old-school dub, roots, and reggae steppers, as seen through the Melting Records looking glass. Veteran dubwise producers and irie new names rub shoulders on the compilation’s ten tracks, coming together to give the listener a mind-expanding journey along a space-echoed pathway.

Included, for the first time on vinyl, is “Nine Years” from Ticklah, a renowned producer who worked on Easy Star All-Stars’ classic The Dub Side of the Moon. Easy Star All-Stars are also represented by bassist Victor Rice, contributing with a heavy dub track. Canada’s Dubmatix took some time out from his packed touring and production schedule to deliver an exclusive rolling and blunted-out track for the compilation. And longtime German dub stalwart Burnt Friedman along with The Nu Dub Players provides a sparse and dreamy offering track that opens the collection with style.

Other artists featured on Humble Dubbers are Kabanjak (one half of Ancient Astronauts), YesKing (BBE Records), Shimi Sonic from Israel, Skinshape from Horus Records, Lo End Dub from Spain, Colman Brothers from UK, and up-and-comers Resonators (Wah Wah 45s). With this variety of producers it is striking how cohesive Humble Dubbers remains, giving the listener a satisfying overview on the state of nu-dub. The compilation also fits mightily within Melting Records’ catalog, as lounge and downtempo elements are sprinkled throughout for a distinctive take on the sound. In all, Humble Dubbers vibrates and fascinates, from its rumbling low ended basslines to the crisp sizzle of flying hi-hats. Selectah, bring the rewind!


Solomon Grunge – A General Lack Of Empathy [Beat Tape] [2017]

Solomon Grunge – A General Lack Of Empathy [Beat Tape]
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01. Welcome to Heaven (Intro)
02. Listen to Me (Instrumental)
03. Now and Then (Instrumental)
04. The Funny One (Instrumental)
05. Angel Eyez (Instrumental)
06. True Power (Instrumental)
07. The Dry Spell (Instrumental)
08. Under The Bridge (Interlude)
09. Good Morning (Instrumental)
10. The Habitual (Instrumental)
11. Murtaugh’s Horns (Instrumental)
12. Recluse (Instrumental)
13. Not Responsible (Instrumental)
14. Again (Outro)


Veks – Consolation [Beat Tape] [2017]

Veks – Consolation [Beat Tape]
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01. To Those Before Me
02. Light It Up
03. Sum Ta Say
04. Teach The Babies
05. So Below
06. In Heaven
07. The Rap Game
08. Have You Seen Him
09. Interruptin Programs
10. Our Love Mustn’t Hide
11. Consolation
12. Good To Be Here
13. SD OG’s (Ode To LPSD)
14. Money Folder Makin
15. Hells Equator
16. 100 Years

Veks – Consolation


Marley Marl – The Symphony (Will C​.​’s Almost Summer ’88 Mix) [Single] [2017]

Marley Marl – The Symphony (Will C​.​’s Almost Summer ’88 Mix) [Single]
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01. The Symphony (Will C​.​’s Almost Summer ’88 Mix)

Marley Marl – The Symphony (Will C​.​’s Almost Summer ’88 Mix)

“Thank you passengers for flying Volume 1. We will be cruising at an altitude of 1,075 megahertz in stereo. Please fasten your seat belts while Marley Marl is In Control…”

A summertime coolin’ out remix of the classic Juice Crew posse cut from ’88.


emune – Moon Bounce [E.P.] [2017]

emune – Moon Bounce [E.P.]
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01. Laced Up
02. Gaia
03. Whisper
04. Elated
05. Illuminate

emune – Moon Bounce


BLJR – NapTime EP [E.P.] [2017]

BLJR – NapTime EP [E.P.]
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01. Beat #1
02. Beat #2

BLJR – NapTime EP


BROCKBEATS – Lunch time sleeps [Beat Tape] [2017]

BROCKBEATS – Lunch time sleeps [Beat Tape]
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01. innocent
02. lazy fellow
03. this moment
04. tremolo
05. broad daylight
06. drowse
07. believe me
08. probably
09. in my love
10. feel good
11. summer end
12. still
13. roof top 0
14. victoria
15. dreamer
16. new life
17. styx
18. subliminal
19. pitchfork
20. nonsense

BROCKBEATS – Lunch time sleeps


pawcut & Katharsis – BOESE ZWILLINGE [Album] [2017]

pawcut & Katharsis – BOESE ZWILLINGE [Album]
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01. Boese Zwillinge
02. Kaltes Herz
03. Nothing More Interlude
04. Klampfenmann
05. Whip Interlude
06. Agitator
07. Messy Day Interlude
08. Eisvogel
09. Toolbox Interlude
10. Fotografin
11. Belongings Interlude
12. Grenzerin
13. Helter Skelter
14. Terror Interlude
15. Malerin
16. Spinne
17. Squeal Interlude
18. Clown
19. Gacy Interlude
20. Autofan
21. Blood Interlude
22. Insel
23. Siren Interlude
24. Loewe
25. Heimweg 2

pawcut & Katharsis – BOESE ZWILLINGE

Also Available On: BOESE ZWILLINGE Director’s Cut Edition Shirt and C74 tape & Boese Zwillinge Tape C70 Regular Edition

Pawcut & catharsis provide with “bad GEMINI” a bloody entry in their common discography. Did the producer of Minden and the rapper from Leipzig / Vienna until the end of 2016 released their tape “cosmonauts summer,” she now place again after full album length. Over 70 minutes, the slasher stories of the evil twins shoot out of the speakers that the blood suppt from the membrane. The slaughterhouse disk is opened, Folks.


DJ BASTA – Remnants [Beat Tape] [2017]

DJ BASTA – Remnants [Beat Tape]
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01. Y Mas
02. Citrine
03. Coolitdown
04. 28th
05. Til the Day
06. Lo
07. Fridaze
08. Leisure
09. Codex
10. Ridin Higher
11. Master Plan
12. En Route

DJ BASTA – Remnants

Remnants is a collection of 12 handmade collages and 12 lofi beats. A partnership of sound and image through parallel process. Textured layers and colors over broken rhythmic patterns. Using pieces of old to make new.


Beats RockWELL – Elephant Trunks [Beat Tape] [2017]

Beats RockWELL – Elephant Trunks [Beat Tape]
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01. in
02. Lost In Vegas
03. Mafioso
04. Funky phone Booth
05. Moves Is Made
06. Smoke Break #1
07. The Brown Note
08. The In Between
09. Pixie
10. We Slide… Bye..
11. The Open Sky
12. SK8 Off
13. No Worries
14. 6teen
15. Hey Zeus Christo
16. DreamLandscapes
17. Wash Dem Drawers
18. Coach to Cypher (0)
19. Skate Off PT II
20. Smoke Break #duece
21. …Out

Beats RockWELL – Elephant Trunks


jaakko – lofi beat tape 1 [Beat Tape] [2017]

jaakko – lofi beat tape 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. air mail
02. nightmare
03. spring showers
04. she’ll never love me
05. help
06. fears
07. are u there?
08. nujabes tribute
09. her eyes
10. life with u
11. drowning
12. i hope the rain never stops
13. paris
14. innocent soul
15. odd man out
16. perfect silences
17. thinking of u
18. in love
19. when i look at u
20. song.wav
21. e q u i n o x
22. she only likes me when she’s drunk
23. s. a. d.
24. islands
25. yeah, everyone samples this
26. what if we just sat and looked at the stars

jaakko – lofi beat tape 1


cjbeats – [mini​.​tape] [vol 4] [Beat Tape] [2017]

cjbeats – [mini​.​tape] [vol 4] [Beat Tape]
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01. x
02. seaside
03. melody
04. show me what you’ve got

cjbeats – [mini​.​tape] [vol 4]


Deep – Depth Perception Vol. 2 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Deep – Depth Perception Vol. 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Hip Gnosis
02. Break Bap
03. Hood Wind
04. Botanica Bap
05. The Ghost at Myrtle
06. BAron Zola
07. Funky Dolores
08. Porbe Hombre
09. Light Magic
10. Lambido
11. Bred to Differ
12. Cycle Of Violence
13. Urgent Matters
14. A Momentous Mamajuana Toast

Deep – Depth Perception Vol. 2


Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead [Album] [2017]

Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead [Album]
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01. Divine Right
02. Project:Draw
03. Wall (feat. Juba)
04. Hammer (feat. DJ Static, P.SO the EarthTone King, & Jise)
05. Bring Out Your Dead (feat. DJ Static)
06. Strivin’
07. Stimulated (feat. Dirt E Dutch)
08. Komikbukdoh
09. Strong Atoms (feat. Vast Aire, Cryptic One, & L.I.F.E. Long)

Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead

Also Available On: Compact Disc or Limited Edition Cassette

In January of 2016 Deep and producer Dirt E Dutch began a conversation around- ‘what if Breez?’ Dutch discussed Breez’s recent return to making music after an extended hiatus. Through Dutch, Deep’s distinct rhythms became re-acquainted with Breez’s ubiquitous lyricism. The result- DeeP BreeZ – Bring out your Dead a collaboration between producer Big Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros and MC Breez Evahflowin’. A project of sounds and words inspired out of mutual roots, mutual respect and mutual friends. Both sonically and conceptually The EP draws from the diaspora that bred both men. Breez- born on Manhattan’s upper west side near Rock Steady park. Deep- born on the lower east side of Manhattan during the rise of the Nuyorican Poets cafe. With this release both Breez and Deep add to their legacy of purpose driven, thoughtfully crafted hip hop.

The project features appearances by L.I.F.E. Long, Juba, Vast Aire, P.SO the Earthtone King, Jise, Cryptic One & Dirt E Dutch. All cuts by DJ Static.