Loop.holes – The Remix Tape [Remixes] [2017]

Loop.holes – The Remix Tape [Remixes]
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01. Remix
02. Remix
03. Remix
04. Remix
05. Remix
06. Remix
07. Remix
08. Remix
09. Remix
10. Remix
11. Remix
12. Remix
13. Remix
14. Remix
15. Remix
16. Remix
17. Remix
18. Remix
19. Remix
20. Remix

Loop.holes – The Remix Tape

Loop.holes The Remix Tape is a remix album compiled of random remixes made by producers from the beat collective loop.holes-

Sleep One – F​-​O​-​R (EP) [E.P.] [2018]

Sleep One – F​-​O​-​R (EP) [E.P.]
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01. For Old Rhymez
02. Foundationz Of Ruins
03. Full Of Rage
04. Full On Retard

Sleep One – F​-​O​-​R (EP)

Various Artist – Unlog Complex #09 [Compilation] [2018]

Various Artist – Unlog Complex #09 [Compilation]
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01. Le Parasite – Le sanctuaire des mammouths
02. Joey FDH – Snakes in your hood
03. Mog – La Cantina – A kind of Sweetness
04. Simiah – 1789
05. Mavis Trio – Insight feat Albert Jacquard
06. TSF – Reverse Engineering
07. Trebuch – Jaydam – Shakedown (Trebuch remix)
08. Keltek VS Far Beats – Beats like fire
09. RomanOwitch – Epoch
10. Famelik – Hong Kong
11. Wiklow – I’ll wait until dawn
12. viñu-vinu – Elements
13. BSLC – PCC

Various Artist – Unlog Complex #09

Here is the ninth volume of our Unlog Complex compilation serie. As usual, an eclectic blend of influences, and previously unreleased works from some of the usual suspects, but also some artists whose work recently came into our radar and who gave us an opportunity to present a different side of their work. With vibes from Montreal to Liège, Bristol to Toulouse, through Berlin, we hope you’ll enjoy this rich selection as much as we do.

S.T.A.T.I.K. – WONDER BEATS VOL​.​5 [Beat Tape] [2018]

S.T.A.T.I.K. – WONDER BEATS VOL​.​5 [Beat Tape]
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Sadiva – Minutes [Beat Tape] [2018]

Sadiva – Minutes [Beat Tape]
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01. Stand Trial
02. Starlight
03. It’s Okay, You’re Leaving
04. 8BITS
06. Urgone
07. NO.MRE
08. 2nd To That
09. WIT U
10. The One
11. MYAK
12. Your…
13. Love Jones
14. Controlled
15. Search Me
16. High On
19. 4EVA

Sadiva – Minutes

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

Inner Ocean Records presents ‘Minutes’, the second full length album by Melbournes beat queen Sadiva. 19 solid chops from one of the hardest working beat maker in this global scene, no joke. Sadiva plays for keeps.

khaderbai – krüml no​.​04 – the khaderbai beat diaries [Beat Tape] [2018]

khaderbai – krüml no​.​04 – the khaderbai beat diaries [Beat Tape]
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01. Beat Diaries Intro: Shouterlude i
02. Plozévet (Episode 38)
03. Zürich Schwamendingen (Episode 40)
04. Berlin ii Friedrichshain (Episode 10)
05. Shouterlude ii
06. Zürich Chreis Vier (Episode 50)
07. Maggia (Episode 37)
08. Dresden (Episode 26)
09. London (Episode 42)
10. Leipzig (Episode 33)
11. Brugge (Episode 19)
12. Shouterlude iii
13. Praha (Episode 17)
14. Zürich Wiedikon (Episode 39)
15. Bern (Episode 32)
16. Shouterlude Comin Tru: Shouterlude iv
17. Rorschach (Episode 36)
18. Budapest ii (Episode 29)
19. Achern (Episode 46)
20. Offenburg (Episode 52)
21. Paris ii (Episode 54)
22. Hamburg ii (Episode 41)
23. Shouterlude v
24. Firenze (Episode 45)
25. München ii (Episode 44)
26. Beat Diaries Outro: Shouterlude vi

khaderbai – krüml no​.​04 – the khaderbai beat diaries

Also Available On: Limited Edition Double Vinyl In A Gatefold Cover

“I’ve filmed the very first episode of the beat diaries on a balcony on the Portuguese island Madeira in May 2014. Presenting my beats live was of no particular concern to me until that point, but I was looking for a way to release music spontaneously. I needed something external that would keep me making those beats and videos, so I decided that whenever I would travel somewhere, I would film an episode. The beats needed to be done in a short time window and should at least aim to reproduce my mood, my experiences relating to that moment, thus functioning as a diary. All episodes ought to be recorded and filmed live and in one take.
Making a song on demand, presenting it in a more or less live way, finding a place to film it, carrying a lot of equipment, and working around weather conditions and curious bystanders have been among the challenges that have been presented to me, not to speak of impatient co-travellers. Up until now (January 2018), I’ve recorded more than 50 episodes and I’m thrilled that I was asked to collect some of them for this album. So I did. I’ve re-recorded a selection of episodes, re-producing them again from scratch, included some episodes that never came into existence and complemented them with shouterludes featuring some of the people I was meeting on my travels.
It took me over a year to produce this record and it was a journey making it. Featured are beats that have been originally composed in the last four years and shout outs from fellow beatmakers I had the privilege of meeting during this time. I had so much fun making those videos, crafting those beats, so I sincerely hope you’re enjoying this record.
Nuff said.

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix) [Remix] [2018]

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix) [Remix]
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01. LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out!
02. LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! [Instrumental]

David Begun / LL Cool J – Mama Said Punch You Out! (Punch​-​Out Remix)

The first track off of an upcoming project that combines classic 80’s old-school hip-hop tracks with nostalgic video game music from the same era. This song mixes LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out with the music from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

OBSIDIAN – OBELISK (A & B side) [Beat Tape] [2018]

OBSIDIAN – OBELISK (A & B side) [Beat Tape]
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01. OBELISK (A & B side)


Also Available On: Cassette Edition

Obsidian’s first release, “Obelisk,” features uptempo experimental beats ranging from footwork, to house, to IDM and back again. It features a group of producers from around the globe that wanted to produce a high-energy tape that allowed them to experiment outside of their comfort zones.

The resulting product is a sonic cascade of analog synths, thick 808s, bent samples, and fast over-caffeinated drum patterns. Graphic design provided by Jack Cotolo.

Featured artists include batbxy., Arena Girlfriend, Capt. Alex, Cumulus Frisbee, Micro Colossus, Mirrorish, xfruge, Mankiind, lilshrimpio, and littlemoe.

Kemp – Stars And Stripes [Album] [2018]

Kemp – Stars And Stripes [Album]
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01. Intro (Feat. Bugout)
02. The Push Back (Feat. Granite State)
03. Still Got It (Feat. Maylay Sparks, Breez, Evahflowin & Genius)
04. Return Of The Boom Bap (feat. Tunnel Movement & Blaq Poet) (Kemp Remix)
05. How To Rock (Feat. Kaimbr & Wildelux)
06. Drops Interlude
07. ElMC2 (Feat. El Da Sensei & El Gant)
08. Everything Is Real (Feat. Pacewon & D.Strong)
09. Represent (Feat. Grand Agent & Joker)
10. Never Too Far (Feat. Granite State) (Kemp Remix)
11. Forevah (Feat. Breez Evahflowin)
12. What The World Needs (Feat. Main Flow, Kwote 1 & Genius)

Kemp – Stars And Stripes

German beatsmith Kemp first jumped on the scene in his home country with his debut solo album ‘Primus Inter Pares’ in 2012 on which he both rhymed and handled production duties, and which also featured production and appearances from El da Sensei, Confidence, Shuko, Kon Sci and others. That was followed by a collaboration album with Ono entitled ‘Hip Hop Retten’ in 2015, which featured Red Pill, El da Sensei and more.

In 2017, Kemp produced the song “Table Manners” on a 12” by Bronx MC Wildelux, and followed that up with production for the NYC crew Tunnel Movement, and well known German acts Nico Suave and battle rapper Lyrico.

For 2108, Kemp is back with the full length producer album ‘Stars & Stripes’, for which he enlisted the best of the best from Germany and the US to drop rhymes on his signature sounds, including El Da Sensei (The Artifacts), Maylay Sparks, Grand Agent, El Gant, Blaq Poet, D Strong, Breez Evahflowin, Pace Won, Kaimbr, Main Flow, Granite State and more.

Maartn & BennyBen – Technical Knowledge [Beat Tape] [2018]

Maartn & BennyBen – Technical Knowledge [Beat Tape]
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01. A1.Maartn – Peep It (Intro)
02. A2.Maartn – Moonlight Companion
03. A3.Maartn – Contagious
04. A4.Maartn – Da TekNeek
05. A5.Maartn – Flute ‘Em Up
06. A6.Maartn – Mountain Melody
07. A7.Maartn – To The Sky
08. A8.Maartn – The Limit (Outro)
09. B1.BennyBen – TKO (Intro)
10. B2.BennyBen – Beats That Thump
11. B3.BennyBen – Back To Life
12. B4.BennyBen – That Awful Sound
13. B5.BennyBen – Gifted To Be Lifted
14. B6.BennyBen – Signals And Impulses
15. B7.BennyBen – The Chords Of Fate
16. B8.BennyBen – BBBREW (Outro)

Maartn & BennyBen – Technical Knowledge

We are pleased to introduce you two representatives of the instrumental hip-hop scene straight from Belgium and Finland.
Maartn and BennyBen have prepared 16 original boombap beats for your tape decks.- DirtyBeauty

4N Hologram & iCook Records – Donuts for Dilla [Single] [2018]

4N Hologram & iCook Records – Donuts for Dilla [Single]
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01. Donuts for Dilla

4N Hologram & iCook Records – Donuts for Dilla

This is a Tribute to one of my favorite producers, J Dilla.
Was going thru a stack of records and came by a Disney Rescuers Soundtrack, and thought i should make a Dilla Tribute, J Dilla loved flipping weird or out of the norm records and always pushed the creativity bar to higher levels. To me his music was like a Salvador Dali Painting or a Andy Warhol Painting, it would make me think and also make me very inspired. Dilla like those artist i mentioned had his own style, and techniques. lot of cats now days try to bite his style and run with it or take from it and use it in their own work. He has influenced millions of beat makers all around the world. This Beat is inspired by J dilla from the sample choice to the off beat lazy hi hats freely played on the pads along with the other drums. Also filtering out all the highs in the kick drum and making it sound so low that you will feel it in your gut. Hope you Enjoy!

Paul Wilbury – BLUE DAYS “BEATTAPE” [Beat Tape] [2018]

Paul Wilbury – BLUE DAYS “BEATTAPE” [Beat Tape]
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01. BlueDays
02. Bleu
03. Afternoon
04. A Rose For My Lover
05. At Night
06. 2 A.M.
07. In The Mornings


Its Alive Beats – Down Town [E.P.] [2018]

Its Alive Beats – Down Town [E.P.]
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01. Latte
02. Day Dream
03. Three Card Monte
04. Traffic
05. Clock in
06. Shoe Shiner

Its Alive Beats – Down Town

M Slago – Unshaven Beat Making Volume 1 [Beat Tape] [2018]

M Slago – Unshaven Beat Making Volume 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Unshaven 1
02. Unshaven 2
03. Unshaven 3
04. Unshaven 4
05. Unshaven 5
06. Unshaven 6
07. Unshaven 7
08. Unshaven 8
09. Unshaven 9
10. Unshaven 10
11. Unshaven 11
12. Unshaven 12
13. Unshaven 13
14. Unshaven 14
15. Unshaven 15
16. Unshaven 16
17. Unshaven 17

M Slago – Unshaven Beat Making Volume 1

Confidence – Produce What You Feel [Beat Tape] [2018]

Confidence – Produce What You Feel [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Tranquility
03. Deep Into Action
04. Sidekick
05. New Era
06. Main Ingredient
07. Fishscale
08. Trust Me
09. Can’t Hide
10. Ready Or Not
11. Interlude
12. Gun Smoke
13. Hot City
14. Take Back
15. Let’s Go
16. Darkness
17. Gator Bait
18. Jammy
19. Games
20. Alone
21. Universal

Confidence – Produce What You Feel

Leaf Beach – Arrival [Beat Tape] [2018]

Leaf Beach – Arrival [Beat Tape]
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01. Shades
02. Galaxy
03. Visions
04. Analog
05. Day Break (ft. Fushou)
06. Rhodes
07. Night Isle
08. Canvas
09. Travls
10. High Key (ft. mndbd)
11. Moonlight
12. Studies
13. Its Been Awhile
14. Blunted

Leaf Beach – Arrival