Thijsenterprise – Night Store Beats [Beat Tape] [2020]

Thijsenterprise – Night Store Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. What Is Your Name (Intro)
02. Enter The Night Shop
03. Like No One Else Can
04. Good Weather (The Year Without Spring)
05. Sunshine
06. Certain One
07. Who Are You Anyway
08. It’s Alright Tonight
09. Got Knx?
10. For Real
11. Kill Bill Hospital Scene
12. Sweet Thing
13. Ankle Breaker
14. New Sound
15. Still Love You Baby
16. Glasper Vibe
17. Music Or Me
18. The Way
19. Get That
20. WorkinOnIt (Dilla Cover)
21. About You
22. Another Time (Do You Know Who You Are)
23. Lady Luck
24. Can’t Put It On Ice
25. Love Of Your Own
26. Stay At Home
27. Tired (Airplane Mode)
28. Interlude To Nowhere
29. Afterparty
30. Don’t Blow This Shit Up
31. Outro

Thijsenterprise – Night Store Beats

Loosely inspired by the sound and feel of NxWorries’ ‘Link Up’ video, this beat tape is dedicated to night shops. Thijsenterprise takes you on a fictional trip, where he’s daydreaming about meeting friends, playing basketball, or basically enjoying life. While instead, he is buying cheap beer at a night shop again. The only place to go in his current hometown of Barcelona during lockdown, the period in which this beat tape was created.

Just like his ‘Soul Food & Skunk Breaks,’ this tape shows Thijsenterprise’s development as a beatmaker since last year’s ‘Proefmonster’ remix album. He now focuses more on off-grid drums and creates different textures. Digging a little deeper and using a wider variety of genres to shape a new sound for himself. All while he stays true to his original roots and those of instrumental hip-hop, where he even slips in tributes to his all-time favorite producers: J Dilla, Madlib & Knxwledge.

Today’s double drop of ‘Night Store Beats’ and ‘Soul Food & Skunk Breaks’ ( are beat tapes between ‘Snits’ and the upcoming ‘Lahringen’ album on vinyl in November. That record brings together his work as a beatmaker and decade-long passionate work as a saxophone player, creating a head-nodding, off-kilter clash of hip-hop, jazz & punk.