paul blackford – Together [E.P.] [2020]

paul blackford – Together [E.P.]
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01. Together (featuring Oli Spackman)
02. Together (Wilhaeven remix)
03. Together (Mossman remix)
04. Together (umbromaniii remix)
05. Together (Chef Mike feat Burnt Bakarak remix)
06. Together (KQVC remix)

paul blackford – Together

Paul Blackford is a staple of top tier music production in several electronic music genres. From his Electro releases with Breakin Records, to hybrid drum n bass / machine breaks appearing on CPU, Tudor, Militant Science, Tokyo Electro Beat and more. A quick look at his website inevitably becomes a deep dive through decades of fantastic releases on numerous imprints with several self-released gems.

Woodwork is enchanted to say the least, at this occasion to have Paul stretch his hip hop legs with this deep, jazzy single – a collaboration aptly titled “Together”, no less, with drummer Oli Spackman. Oli lays down a tight, funky live kit track, and Paul reciprocates with lush keys, a smooth layer of sub bass, and some tasty samples. The track is a soothing call to unity and gratitude. It has an uplifting feel that also inspired a collection of creative and characteristic remixes.

Wilhaeven (a parallel downtempo alias of Woodwork artist, Ki) works his deep, emotional magic and turns out an expanded, organic jam that features new layers of Rhodes and jazz flute.

Mossman harnesses a more abstract, cut-up feel with a deep collage of layers, ambient fx, triggered sample hits and sideways fills.

umbromaniii notches up the pace with more of an electro-funk approach, utilizing 303 and 808 for that authentic palette, while applying some step-wise chordal movement under the familiar samples.

Chef Mike’s masterclass version kicks off with an amusing phone chat, some scratch fills, and then straight into some deep, lo-fi, classic, old-school business.