stillmuzik – Unknown Planets Vol II [Compilation] [2020]

stillmuzik – Unknown Planets Vol II [Compilation]
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01. Mecca:83 – 69 Impala
02. bluørangee – 55555∆
03. Kayo – Soul Type Beat
04. DJ Veekash – Searching of Cintamani’s world
05. David Loevan – Bleu comme l’azur
06. Anion Isle – Northern Lights
07. DeMoi – Room for Doubts
08. Steve Mätik – Beat Confine
09. Francesco Varchetta – Moody
10. Druj & Swik – Hostile
11. Len Broeker – Sundrops
12. REAPVR – Waltz For Venus
13. MaxOne – SoftSpirit
14. Monaki – Unloved
15. Sachem Lo-Fly – 15 AERA
16. Stiko – Autumnation
17. The Maschinegunz – Ruxtah
18. Stekri – A Dezordr Lofi Capsule Odyssee

stillmuzik – Unknown Planets Vol II

OK, so now you know how horrible 2020 is, and future on earth looks even more gloomy.
Hatred, racism, viruses, economic crisis, and ecological disaster, Ugh !
No doubt, you’re done with life on earth and you’re leaving on your diy hyperspeed spaceship. But what music should you bring onboard to visit the universe?
Unknown planets vol.II is going to be for sure one of your spaceside records!
As for the successful “Looking for the perfect beat” compilations, and Unknown Planets vol.I, this second volume gathers earthling instro makers, without any musical borders.
As long as it is hip hop, in a broad sense. With what made our label’s specificity, eclectism : from dusty straight-from-the-90’s boombap, to more modern vibes, lofi and jazzy sprinkles, even with a hint of future bass and more experimental music, you’ll have an excellent range of earth music for your interstellar travels. To remember where you come from, to remind yourself of your humanity.
Make a safe trip with this smoking comp!