Dante Maxwell – FUCK [Beat Tape]

Dante Maxwell – FUCK [Beat Tape]
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01. Can’t Eat Bibles
02. Knuckles
03. Going In/Rarri Doors
04. Engana A Morte
05. Money Call
06. Squirrel Taps
07. High Enough
08. Ogum Me Protege
09. Pomegranates
10. Funky Trip
11. Software
12. Handouts
13. Innocent
14. Japanese Joint

Dante Maxwell – FUCK

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

FUCK marks the first cassette release from Boom and Baps. Dante Maxwell has been a contributor to the brand since day one. After moving to Montreal in 2017, his style of production became decidedly lo-fi and he went all-in, avoiding software whenever possible and using samplers and loopers to do most of the heavy lifting in his beat creation process, putting the most value behind tools that are 100% portable. There was no one single creative environment in the physical realm that these beats came from.
The lofi grit and a punchy swing here comes enveloped in a warm analog hug for your eardrums.
The deep red limited edition cassette comes in a full-color cardstock o-card instead of a plastic jewel case, as a means to keep the plastic use for this project to a minimum. Cover art is from renowned Vancouver illustrator Ryan Cardinal