ear-sight – Beats on Boat vol. 1 [Compilation] [2020]

ear-sight – Beats on Boat vol. 1 [Compilation]
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01. Lunchbag – Jazzstyle
02. Hazy Year – Notes
03. FloFilz – Uferlos
04. illterate – Cubensis
05. Melodiesinfonie – I did this in 5 minutes
06. iamalex – About You
07. Made in M – Taipane
08. Juan RIOS – Amatista
09. Les Geddit aka illiterate – Feels Like
10. Made in M – Flightmode On
11. Melodiesinfonie – I Drank Café del Mar
12. iamalex – Early Flight
13. FloFilz – Doorsteps
14. Theo Spazzatura aka Lunchbag – Make it Last
15. Juan RIOS – Qué pasó
16. Hazy Year – U

ear-sight – Beats on Boat vol. 1

Also Available On: Limited Edition Double Vinyl

Beats on Boat is a compilation vinyl which accompanies the YouTube series which launched on the 5th of March 2020. It aims to show the versatility of the artists that have been featured in it and acts as the blueprint of the direction we want to go with ear-sight as a label. Lo-fi, hiphop, house, disco and the individual interpretations these artists have of those genres.

All the artists involved will have two tracks celebrating their musical diversity. The first vinyl will be the sound you know and love. The second vinyl will be the world premiere, for the majority of the Musicians featured, taking a step out of their comfort zone into a new world of unthreaded territory.

We will be releasing a new set on YouTube every second Thursday which will be accompanied by a double release of the respective artist.