Rec Riddles – Conundrums [Beat Tape] [2020]

Rec Riddles – Conundrums [Beat Tape]
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01. Free
02. The Hard Way
03. Feel Me
04. Make It Through The Night
05. Gun Smoke Aroma
06. You
07. Green Suit Menace
08. Love Spell
09. Royal Riddles
10. Machiz Mode
11. Waiting
12. Find A Girl
13. Live With Regrets
14. Puzzled Reality
15. Fruits Of My Labor
16. Never
17. Wave Length
18. Watching Nick At Nite
19. Stop What You Do
20. Stop What You Do 2

Rec Riddles – Conundrums

Rec Riddles would like to thank:

The Creator for giving me this talent & granting me the opportunity to share this gift with the universe. To my wife Kristen, I couldn’t do any of this without your continued love, support & understanding. I know things aren’t always easy putting up with me but you do it gracefully. I love you eternally, you’re the dopest. To my mother, thank you for everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today if you weren’t who you are. Thanks for your love, guidance & for raising me right. To my father, thanks for your love & support. To my brothers, Andre, Marcus & Justin, yall are them niggas, we gon make it, love yall. To the Jones Family, the Dickerson Family, the Wright, the Parker Family, the Young Family, the Simms Family, the Nelson Family, the Esquilin Family, the Warren Family, love you all! Y ME, they don’t know how dope you are yet but they bout to find out. Proud of all the work you been putting in. It’s only the beginning. Roc, we were seperated at birth, love you big bro. To the State of New Jersey, thanks for making me the man I am today, I’m a true product of my environment. To the City of St. Louis, MO, thanks for embracing me & my art, you will forever be my second home. Shouts out to J Hatch, Thrill Collins & the entire iStandard Producer staff, yall helped me learn the music business, polished me up & helped me hone my craft. Shouts out & much love to Reks, DJ M80, Trife Diesel, Ren Thomas, Son God & 9th Prince. Shouts out to all the blogs, DJs, Radio Stations, TV programs, magazines, promoters & venues for your support. Shouts out to Purp, Millz, Streetz, Phil Cyphers, J-Ness & Coastwave Regime, Rob Boo, Brief, Solo for Dolo, Niteowl, DJ V Thom, Poet X, Graphic Nature MCs, Kiiing Jones, D2G, Taiyamo Denku, Guerilla Ghost & Triple Eye Industries, Reace Yung, Marcel P. Black, Family Medicine, Dodecad, Lower Automation, JBJR, Matt Sawicki, Blood Handsome, David Bell, Midwest Avengers, Teacup Dragun, 18 and Counting, Black Spade, Altayzie, West End, Jonezy, Capo, DJ Troy, Lamar Wylah, Hyugo Strange, Pope Adrian Bless, K-Prez, Ackurate, Dock Street Records, Corey Black, Rockwell Knuckles, the Slumfest team. Rest In Peace to all those we have lost. Last but not least, to all my supporters, THANK YOU