Magic In Threes – 3 [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Magic In Threes – 3 [Instrumental Album]
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01. Blowfly
02. Making Paper
03. At Jody’s
04. Work Tapes
05. Just Don’t Slow
06. Finnish Funk
07. Breezy Day
08. Takes 10 Minutes
09. Let It Simmer
10. Shot Through The Grease
11. The Perfect Crime
12. Lottery Walk

Magic In Threes – 3

Also Available On: Deluxe Magenta 1LP or Black Vinyl 1LP

On vinyl for the first time and remastered – Coming Feb 14 on limited deluxe magenta and black vinyl.

The music would make the perfect fit in movies like the recently released Dolomite revamp, and the now cult classic Black Dynamite. But it doesn’t fit into a blaxploitation soundtrack style box alone. You could imagine iconic rappers like Ghostface or Black Thought using these soundscapes. ‘3’ would even fit comfortably next to classic KPM or De Wolfe library releases from the mid 70’s, just as well as current indie trio, Khruangbin.

A heavy drum break intro and trippy wah-wah guitar licks accompany cinematic strings and stirring horns on ‘Finnish Funk,’ followed by the killer sleazy bass and fuzz guitar of ‘Breezy Day’, two standout cuts both included on previously released 45’s by KU that swiftly sold out.
Contributing to the scene of classically-tinged soul and funk beats with contemporary class, MI3 display a smooth burst of colourful moody grooves with lush Rhodes keys and soulful head-nod breaks.

With stellar musicianship throughout, the band present top shelf tunes for the crate digging Dj and discerning music collector alike. Formed just shy of a decade ago, the group shows skills far beyond their years together.