Treru – Satellite [Beat Tape] [2020]

Treru – Satellite [Beat Tape]
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01. satellite (side.a)
02. satellite (side.b)

Treru – Satellite

Available On: Hand numbered limited edition cassette + digital

• After “Monster Mask” and “Robot Breathing” albums,
“Satellite” is Treru’s 3rd installation for Nekubi tapes.

Satellite” is an homage to El Lissitzky’s early works and consists of minimal hypnagogic sketches recorded directly on tape, inspired by the loneliness of a satellite that travels into deep space, observes, processes data and transmits its’ futuristic odd lofi images and dark monotonous stellar sounds of unknown places of the universe.

Digital files of this project never existed, so what we have here is a cassette rip of the original tape recordings that add a warm analog character to the aural experience while, at the same time remains as close as possible to the raw prototype material aesthetics and frequency richness.

The Satellite matrix tape was stacked in our archives for quite some time now and it was about time to share these visionary works with the world, in a limited edition cassette with a double sided artwork by Russian futurist – constructivist El Lissitzky, so you, the listener, can decide which one fits best as your copy’s front cover. Another almost lost obscurity from Nekubi’s computer music library just landed on Earth.