J Rawls & Nova – The Profit [Album] [2019]

J Rawls & Nova – The Profit [Album]
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01. On Spittin’
02. On Life (feat. Blu)
03. On Promises (feat. Harv & Kevin Holmes)
04. On Brotherhood (The Honorable)
05. On Love
06. On Dope (feat. OCfromNC)

J Rawls & Nova – The Profit

“The Profit” is the latest album release from J Rawls & Nova!!! The much anticipated album from Rawls and Nova released on Black Friday! The Profit is loosely based on “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran, a book of short poems on the philosophy of life. The Profit delves into deep philosophical issues that we all deal with on a daily basis. Topics include: love, life, God and of course, spittin’! Featuring Blu, OcFromNC and more. The Profit on all listening platforms NOW!