Edward Sizzerhand – A Taste Of Honey [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Edward Sizzerhand – A Taste Of Honey [Instrumental Album]
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01. Forest
02. Alpinerose
03. Clover
04. Dandelion
05. Phacelia
06. Sunflowers
07. Lavender
08. Fennel
09. Colza
10. Wildflower
11. Basswood
12. SilverFir
13. Chesnut
14. Moorland

Edward Sizzerhand – A Taste Of Honey

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Beats and Bees are important ingredients in Edward Sizzerhand’s life! Born in Brooklyn New York, he became worldwide known in the 90s with the rap crew Sqaure One. After the end of Square One, the DJ, Beatmaker and Producer engaged in beekeeping and acquired professional Skillz in honey production for several years. Now, Sizzerhand is not only masterfully working on the controls, but has also acquired the BA master beekeeper at a university of agricultural economics. Sizzerhand loves beats and bees, and this is reflected in his first instrumental project, in which Edward Sizzerhand composed various honeys to beats.

“A Taste Of Honey” contains spicy beats that can be compared to wildflowers or songs like Chestnut with a bitter finish. Other tracks are as flowery as Phacelia or fresh as Colza. There are 14 honey types on the album altogether.

The revenues of this record are going to be reinvested in Edwards beekeeping. SAVE THE BEES!