TAKAHIRO MUKAI – Helplessness [Beat Tape] [2019]

TAKAHIRO MUKAI – Helplessness [Beat Tape]
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01. #422
02. #423
03. #424
04. #425
05. #426
06. #427
07. #428

TAKAHIRO MUKAI – Helplessness

Also Available On: Limited Edition Pro-Dubbed, Hand Stamped Cassette

Degenerate Trifecta is honored to present the newest album by prolific Japanese composer, TAKAHIRO MUKAI. Distorted, glitched, and pulsing analog sounds to pull you to the depths, the depths of Helplessness. Come along for the ride.

“The Degenerate Trifecta label, from Washington state, releases hard techno and techno-adjacent electronic noise… a neat combination, actually. Of the artists on their latest three releases, the only name I knew was Takahiro Mukai, the very prolific Osaka-based artist who has managed to release nearly 40 albums (on labels like Alien Passengers, Phinery, Lal Lal Lal, Fort Evil Fruit, and Moss Archive) in the past five years. Mukai’s work tends to have a deep groove, abstracted by analog
synthesizer noise. On the seven numbered songs that make up “Helplessness”, he doesn’t disappoint… fuzzy pulses anchor each tune into place, but the slow robot-funk seems to be malfunctioning. Songs like “#424” show their dub underbelly more clearly than others, all slithering bass and discordant chirp. Others, like the evocatively titled “#425”, imply an oncoming four-on-the-floor slam that never quite arrives, preferring to couch its threat in warm restraint and headphone-
friendly stereo action. For mid-afternoon android head-nod, it does the trick.” -Vital Weekly