YMSEY – Impermanence [Beat Tape] [2014]

YMSEY – Impermanence [Beat Tape]
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01. Intromission
02. Earth’s Angle Variation
03. Soomatra
04. Never Shore
05. Figues Figures
06. Pierrot La Chique
07. Hall Days
08. NamaZte
09. Françoise
10. Outropology

YMSEY – Impermanence

This album is based on the relationship YMSEY has with time. “Impermanence” or “Anitaya” in Sanskrit is one of the three main marks of existence for Buddhists. It reminds the fact that any of us, existing at this moment… in about hundred years, will be passed away. There will be other peoples on earth. Eveything is forever changing. This album is like a picture taken of the present years of YMSEY’s life, and sole purpose is to convey the feelings felt during those times, to freinds and family.. as well the listeners too!!!! Thank you all

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