o k h o – 100 Grey Hounds [Instrumental Album] [2019]

o k h o – 100 Grey Hounds [Instrumental Album]
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01. Ghost Me
02. Hateful
03. Coming of Age
04. Sacred
05. Bragging Child
06. Ghost You
07. Prom
08. Lifesick
09. Blindead
10. Dread & Grace

o k h o – 100 Grey Hounds

Also Available On: [Vinyl] o k h o – 100 Grey Hounds LP

Radio Juicy proudly brings back o k h o with his new and thrilling album 100 Grey Hounds. A very close and personal journey to the core of the artist. Sharing his own tale and life path through the course of this album that in many ways is unique and distinguished from anything he previously released and anything you’ve heard so far on our scene. The entire album is sample less, every sound designed and recorded by o k h o himself to bring you even closer to his inner sanctum. The album tells a story and could be seen as the soundtrack for a coming of age movie. It has a very nostalgic and retro vibe while being very new at the same time.
This is why we’re so happy to bring this unique album to you today. A little nudge away from what everyone is pushing nowadays and since we’ve been having this Summer heat wave hit us, we also thought a breath of fresh air could only be a good thing.
It comes with a very nice looking color vinyl, a marbled silver/white/black tri-color mix that will certainly impress you.