Will C. – Spark In The Dark [Beat Tape] [2019]

Will C. – Spark In The Dark [Beat Tape]
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01. Will See
02. At The Ice Arcade Cold Phasing
03. Spark In The Dark
04. Into The Cosmic Wave
05. Damn God Clap Louder
06. Powers Of Pain
07. Nintendo Powder
08. Krylon Cylon
09. Stellar By Starrlite
10. Colorado Cold Crush
11. The Shade Of The Solar System
12. Vision

Will C. – Spark In The Dark

World to world, galaxy to galaxy. Get equipped with the World’s Best Looking Sound. This is raw power drawn from radio waves that floated into outer orbit many moons ago. Will C. is back to burn with “Spark In The Dark.”

You’re invited on another cosmic mission, this time to recapture FM frequencies that escaped into space and out of reach. Climb aboard the dip ship and we’ll reach radio bliss by way of star light. Bright colors spiral as we time travel back to a time when the request line was open and phone lines illuminated with a celestial glow. What is your name and what would you like to hear tonight?

Meanwhile back on Earth, the rhythm of modern life is accelerated. In order for the modern musician to survive and, for God’s sake, perhaps even to thrive, it is important to have in his back pocket a vast array of miniatures, preludes, and other short format, hard hitting and straight to the heart compositions. Say no more… Will C. has many styles, mini styles.

Back to back to back bliss. Theme music to hit you in the chest with a supersonic charge, like a key that taps you into your higher self. We’re all seeking that potent jump start through music to play loud. A hero’s theme to propel us forward. The positive force is activated and in full effect on “Spark In The Dark,” a new sound from Colorado’s cold crushing, record chopping, elbow dropping man. Rock shock the house!