Taylor Made It – ARIZONA [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Taylor Made It – ARIZONA [Instrumental Album]
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01. Intro
02. New Situations
03. The Plan
04. Journey West
05. Arrival
06. Culture Shock
07. Westwood High
08. Forecast
09. Deer Park
10. Drought
11. Half Way There
12. Flag’n
13. Southwest Connection
14. The Bypass
15. Anything Possible
16. Cigarettes
17. Unbound
18. Grand Canyon
19. Homesick
20. Gratitude
21. Arizona

Taylor Made It – ARIZONA

This album is a follow up to the “Green Moss Lane” instrumental project in which we describe our experience relocating from Charlotte, N.C. to Mesa, AZ. The project begins with my father’s reasoning behind relocate the family to Arizona by explaining an early experience that had changed his life.
Throughout a plethora of instrumentals much of our experiences living out west is sprinkled within and in between melodies. We describe the culture shock of going to high school and dealing with gang members. We also touch on many bright sides of living out west such as the Grand Canyon, cycling, and playing sports.
Eventually our parents give in to us all being homesick and decides to move back after spending a year.