Lowie – De Olho em Tudo [Beat Tape] [2019]

Lowie – De Olho em Tudo [Beat Tape]
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01. Agradeça a Deus por L. Boogie
02. Nó de Nervos
03. Segredo
04. Tempo e Lugar
05. Disfarce
06. Vento
07. Céu Aberto
08. Dia
09. Ilha
10. Amor e Lembrança (Album Edit)
11. Se Esse Mundo Fosse Meu
12. Morro

Lowie – De Olho em Tudo

Also Available On: Cassette

”De Olho em Tudo is a collection of sample cuts, sequenced in many different places in presence of many different people.

Carefully selected with the same way as someone doing a handmade collage, Lowie, in his very first full release, take out these elements from their respective habitats and use them making a new scenario, however, loyal to the perspective and to the sensations previously absorbed, each one at its own time and place (Tempo e Lugar).

The album has strong fauna and primitive behavior references. Brings in its essence, the adaptation capacity without losing the originality, like the moth, which still being an insect, even when disguised in the nature, just adapting itself to the new situation. The moth knows very well its place in the predatory chain, having in its fear and memories, what needs to watch.

Bringing to the human universe, what we listen to is a narrative of cautious observation, permeated by respect and transgression in a world built by different puzzles which apparently don’t fit to each other.