Dusty Ohms – Don’t Watch Others [Beat Tape] [2019]

Dusty Ohms – Don’t Watch Others [Beat Tape]
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01. Sleep Like
02. Waters Back
03. Cave Life
04. Double Bikkle
05. Bust Up
06. Tokyo Dreams
07. It Slaps
08. Dreamland
09. Fux With It
10. Broken Funk
11. Everywhere
12. Well Out There

Dusty Ohms – Don’t Watch Others

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Collective Resonance and Dusty Ohms are excited to announce this new project. What follows is an interview with Dusty, which we hope will provide some insight into this project and how it came to be:

1. How did this project come about?

Pretty unexpected, I sent Damien a few tracks to consider one for a lathe cut single. I assume he quite liked them as he asked if I wanted to make a full-length project for the label instead, and I did.

2. Can you briefly explain the creative process behind the album?

Well, I knew I was due to be moving out of my current studio, which has been my hiding place for the past 5 years. I felt I needed to wrap it up to document the end of the chapter before I left this space.

The last project I put out was pretty sample based, chopping up breaks and records, so I wanted to flip it and go fully electronic. I’ve collected quite a lot of hardware over the years, so I just plugged it all in, got my head down for a couple of months and went nuts.

A big thank-you to Damien for letting me just run freely with everything, he’s a diamond for that.

3. How much of a role did your beard play in the making of this album?

It got a bit above its station to be honest, trying to chirp in with suggestions when I was laying down riffs and stuff. We settled our differences and I agreed to let it paint the background for the artwork, this involved dipping it in acrylic paint and then splashing it all over a piece of paper.

4. Please describe the album in three words?

Weird, loose, me.


“This electronic beat-tape marks the end of an era. The final project created in my studio, that has been my sanctuary for the last five years, and for it, I did whatever the fuck I wanted; I don’t watch others.”

-Dusty Ohms.