Allb – Refresh [Beat Tape] [2019]

Allb – Refresh [Beat Tape]
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01. Saravá
02. Refresh
03. Beathead
04. Pioneer
05. Juke Joint
06. Paracetamol
07. Curimã
08. Geek Orchestra
09. See You
10. All Connected
11. Lab Theme
12. Vandalize
13. Mpbeat (feat. Renan Loop)
14. Ciranda
15. Forfourfours
16. Subtropical Break
17. Save the Children
18. Alvorada (A Rua É Daqueles que Passam)

Allb – Refresh

Refresh is Allb’s first album and being a beatmaker, we can also say that it is the first beat tape, officially released by him.

However, the album isn‘t a beat collection. There, Allb explains his relationship with sampling as a creation tool, how he tries to hear all the music in the world and also talks about his relationship with urban life in Curitiba city. Besides that, he also addresses the troubled political moment in Brazil.

In the instrumental side, Allb brings his best: Brazilian samples, with special attention to percussion, including Candomblé and Umbanda references, carefully mixed with bossa nova, jazz fusion and boom bap.

Refresh, defined by Allb himself, is an album for commute and movement. It was thought for those who move and while doing so, reflects.

For sure, it is an album to philosophize and get stoned within your own universe.