Em La La Terra – ELLT’s BEST CHRISTMAS [Compilation] [2018]

Em La La Terra – ELLT’s BEST CHRISTMAS [Compilation]
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01. rhythum- Aster the Angel (Vol. 1)
02. Ayplan- Ice Days (Vol.1)
03. BLKRKRT- The Bells (Vol. 2)
04. Uncle El- Jbs.Xmas (Vol. 2)
05. Magic Nanna- Carol of the Bells (Vol. 3)
06. 9planets- Ear Wiggler (Vol. 3)
07. Seedge- Yules (VOL. 3)
08. evolv- Darknot (Far Be It) (Vol. 4)
09. Igor Amokian- Snowy Night Radio Reception Vol. 5)


Revisiting and recycling the “best” of the previous holiday compilations to complete this collection of holiday tunes. How time flies, and how great it is to have 5 years worth of “An Ellt Christmas” volumes. Now is the time to celebrate the holiday season in full whirl again.

Many thanks to past contributors of our holiday compilations- whether your tune made the BEST list was mostly subjective with a little help from objective stat counting. There are also songs I personally did not choose due to future projects/releases. I want to thank especially those who have remained enthusiastic about EmLaLaTerra and this special project out every December.

With so many holiday tunes to listen to, classics and new, it’s really fun to share classics of our own. Please continue to support your local musicians and artists online. Links to these artists are featured in the credit section. Also ,revisit and choose your own favorites off our previous holiday releases, visit our bandcamp page and download them all at no cost.

Merry and Happy Holidays- I wish ya’ll the best in 2019. Hang loose.
With love always,