ML7102 – Never See Me Trying To Hard [Beat Tape] [2018]

ML7102 – Never See Me Trying To Hard [Beat Tape]
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01. Album Fourteen Characters At A Time
02. An Experiment In Our Recipe
03. Auburn Wash Tide
04. Before All Is Gone
05. Besides The Rest Of Me
06. Breaking Colonial Rules Daily
07. Discovering Embedded Files
08. Don’t Wait On Others Success
09. Gaining A Level Up
10. Good Job Terry Turn Up
11. Hiding Portions of Inspiration
12. Ohh My Dear
13. Resting On The Inside
14. Shang Lo
15. Shut Out The Blurrs
16. That Thang Right There
17. Visions Of The Third Watch

ML7102 – Never See Me Trying To Hard

Digging through records to find sounds, walking down the street integrating sounds in a reasonable segregation of living. I combine ideas to complete thoughts using electrical instruments from unknown locations. We live inside smog and repeaters, where people fail to be themselves and follow others instead of being self. Steps away from nothing I create soundtracks to visions that I dream.