IronFizt – The Brokest​.​.​. [Beat Tape] [2018]

IronFizt – The Brokest​.​.​. [Beat Tape]
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01. The Brokest…
02. Nite Stalkker
03. It Ain’t Luck
04. Keisha
05. Certain Behavior (feat Irie-1)
06. Horror Gallery
07. Born God [Nineseven]
08. Tyson Era
09. Violent Times
10. No Regrets

IronFizt – The Brokest​.​.​.

My fourth album since 2015. Those who have heard my music know what to expect, those you haven’t are going to hear a lot of soul in this project. Much love to Irie-1 for blessing me with a verse. A big thank you to Boogzee Moguez for the help as always.