Knablinz – Orbital Pause [Beat Tape] [2018]

Knablinz – Orbital Pause [Beat Tape]
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01. A1 – Pause claws
02. B1 – Orbital trips

Knablinz – Orbital Pause

Also Available On: Limited Edition Orange Cassette C40

Welcome to the Knablinz galaxy.
Lunar Tapes is pleased to introduce an authentic mad scientist from SP’s and tapes audio processing techniques, based in Oregon, United States and responsible for his own label G.O.A.T. Beetz, we can already say that the time has come to release 40 min. of fresh and delirious material.
COLLAGE is the most appropriate word to define the art of Knablinz, from its sound to visual aesthetics (also creates collage artworks for other beat releases). As usual, there are no separate tracks, each side of the cassette is a cut-and-paste collage with unpredictable interventions and sound effects and when you least expect it, a dope beat will appear that will break your neck.
Psych Hop, Abstract Boombap, Lofi Hypnosis and more you will find in this release. Do not miss this opportunity to listen to this psychedelic SP experience and leave behind conventions, everything is allowed bro!