G Mills – Sitka [Beat Tape] [2018]

G Mills – Sitka [Beat Tape]
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01. If You Look Closely It’s Actually Just Soup
02. Def Crane
03. Spicy Tuna
04. Labradoodle
05. Elegant Hedgehog
06. Bartholomew
07. Front-loaded Carbon Mono
08. Blackout Sober
09. Self-mediated Psychoanalysis
10. Early Bird

G Mills – Sitka

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

At the age of 25, G Mills has been deeply engrossed in music since he was 2 years old. Playing drums in Metal and Jazz bands, he went on to study classical percussion and sound recording in University. His sound evolved musically when he discovered the beats scene in 2012 and since 2015 has been subtly crafting some of the cleanest, most inspired tracks around. Turning the lofi sound on its head wasn’t necessarily the intention but it certainly has been the byproduct.

On Sitka, G Mills proudest piece of work, he brings us a percussive and wet expedition into compression and groove. Organically developing rhythms with melodies in tow, pulling you from seascape to bog and root to branch. Experience the most cohesive project to date from future legend G Mills and take a seat beneath the shade of Sitka.