Beat Tape Co-Op/Various Producers – 10 Year Anniversary Compilation [Compilation] [2018]

Beat Tape Co-Op/Various Producers – 10 Year Anniversary Compilation [Compilation]
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01. Kuartz – Dog Tagz
02. Dr. Dundiff – Heartbreakers
03. IceRocks – Just Coolin
04. Alpha Centori – Secret Kung Fu Books
05. Dr. Drumah – Universal Travel
06. Ayatollah – Night Theme
07. BMoody – Supa
08. Ben Boogz (Of 2 Hungry Bros) – Transmission
09. Deep (Of 2 Hungry Bros) – What A Year!
10. Drasar Monumental – Revenge Of The Snakes
11. Observe -The Juice
12. Fatb – eolo
13. TVPES – yea(yeayea)
14. Fluent – Just Like That
15. Je$u$ – Volt
16. Brutal Caesar – Pontifex
17. KLIM beats – Peaceful
18. Cee-Gee – Population Control
19. LoFidel – Leer
20. Erotnas – HUMMMMMMM
21. Mr. Backside – Dübel
22. Funkonami – Rootless Wanderer
23. Oso Blanco – Snakes Reprieve
24. SomeGuy – Tenchu
25. POLAR – Tape Selector
26. Pawcut – T.K.O
27. Profound79 – Fantash
28. Low Key – Down Shift
29. Bingrim (Of The Loop Mechanics) – Let It Go!
30. Tab Jones – Cool Funk

Beat Tape Co-Op/Various Producers – 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

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This Compilation Wouldn’t Be Possible, If It Wasn’t For The Producers Who Were Gracious Enough To Bless Me, With A Beat For The Beat Tape Co-Op 10 Year Anniversary Compilation. I Say Thank You To All The Producers On This Compilation. Also A Thank You To BMoody (Buster Moody) For Doing The Art Work For The Compilation. Thank You To Matt Bloom For The Support And Being Gracious For Releasing The Compilation On Cassette Through His Label 77 Rise Recordings. For All Those That Don’t Know, The Beat Tape Co-Op Has Been Around For 10 Years, Providing A Platform For Producers/Beatmakers To Get Exposure. Over The Past 10 Years I Have Connected With A Lot Of Producers, Who Have Shown A Great Appreciation For What Beat Tape Co-Op Represents. All Those Who Have Shown Support The Past 10 Years I Want To Say Thank You. It Means A Lot That I Have Been Able To Do This For 10 Years And Still Enjoy Doing This. I Just Want To Leave A Legacy, That When People Look Back And See What Beat Tape Co-Op Represented, It Meant Authentic & Real And It Was About The Producers & The Music

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