Vhsceral – Some Year [Beat Tape] [2018]

Vhsceral – Some Year [Beat Tape]
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01. Avenue (feat. Kai Fitz)
02. Swing Moods
03. Cal 3b
04. Lyrica
05. Doozy (feat. LoneMoon)
06. Missing Signs
07. Cause
08. Pay Attention (feat. J’von)
09. Typo
10. Leaves (feat. Whyandotte)
11. Noex (Subtlety)
12. Ditched (feat. LoneMoon)
13. Effect (Outro)

Vhsceral – Some Year

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Some Year

Radio Juicy presents “Some Year” by Vhsceral. A tape coming from another dimension where things went another direction. This strange phenomenon occurred and created an anomaly in our own reality. Bringing things from the future to us right now and for inexplicable reasons.

The Californian producer Vhsceral has his very unique style. A very interesting blend, beats, hip hop, funk, rap, retro future and so on. We are very pleased to bring you his new album that comes out on a special small and limited cassette tape edition. (note that the tape edition has 3 bonus tracks that can only be heard on the tape itself not on digital)