Steel Tipped Dove – With Bud Ross [Beat Tape] [2018]

Steel Tipped Dove – With Bud Ross [Beat Tape]
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01. only and one
02. some soul
03. me in believe
04. never ill guess
05. sweetness my
06. impression false
07. see to try
08. explosion population
09. man better
10. reaction chain
11. power of tower
12. spin tail
13. beads love
14. me love you that knew you wish
15. tears the after

Steel Tipped Dove – With Bud Ross

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ LP (Lathe Cut)

Buddy Ross wrote, produced, and performed a lot of music during the 60’s and 70’s. In Philadelphia he made tons of garage rock, soul, pop and genre bending songs. Later, in the twenty teens, Darko The Super remastered a compilation of these songs and released it on his label UDDTBA. Then – even later later – I proceeded to chop up the stems from those songs and produce a bunch of instrumental beats. Enjoy – Steel Tipped Dove