Yovenek – oshun [Beat Tape] [2018]

Yovenek – oshun [Beat Tape]
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01. play
02. ras el hanout
03. apnea
04. joe’s joint
05. jazz
06. romance
07. draags
08. appreciate
09. hit it twice
10. smoke
11. potatoes
12. april
13. otis
14. sunflowers
15. safran
16. cinnamon
17. sail-on
18. skylight
19. we chopchopchop

Yovenek – oshun

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The story of a Parisian percussionist / beatmaker who wondered around the world and lived in places like Algeria, Egypt and Spain in quest of hidden music knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Since he was 14 years of age he started playing percussion drums and took classes of Afro Latin congas later. Then he learned to play the guitar, and one day a good friend of his gave him an old Akai Mpc 2000. Since that day he fell in love with samplers and that same week he found a bag full of vinyl records in the street that someone has dumped . That’s when he started being addicted to «crate digging» and «sampling» and therefore to beatmaking.