Various Artists – Solstice [Compilation] [2018]

Various Artists – Solstice [Compilation]
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01. Hazy Year – Highs and Lows
02. Kilamdapro – Xylo
03. Solrakmi – Bap Again
04. Jinsku – Lost
05. Drchamploo – Sable
06. steezy prime – Self Control
07. Stxnx – Reinaa
08. Aeson – Sunrise
09. Mora – Lay
10. Axian – Indigo
11. linanthem – Samba
12. Sazetrax – Sola
13. Remulak – Last Puff
14. Mai. – Make me Feel
15. Bastelbande – You Knew Before

Various Artists – Solstice

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Dust Collectors and Aviary Bridge Records have joined forces once more, this time in the form of a collaborative summertime collection featuring the best artists on their rosters, as well as guest features from some of the biggest names in the instrumental hip hop scene. The result is 38 minutes of pure summer vibes over 15 dusty, jazzy and lo-fi hip hop instrumentals.

We need 100 pledges in order to bring all of our hard work into fruition and have “Solstice” released on vinyl! If we can reach our goal, this will be Aviary Bridge Records’ first vinyl release (something we are very excited about!).

Please head over to Qrates and have a listen and a browse of the artwork. For all of those who have already pledged to help us achieve our goal, thank you so much for the support and for bringing us on step closer to that first vinyl release!