V.A. – キント雲 VOL. II [Compilation] [2018]

V.A. – キント雲 VOL. II [Compilation]
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01. snippet
02. A1 herb.sun & WoodyBeatpecker – one for the kame.house
03. A2 Mike Dizzy – Masta Blasta
04. A3 Faeks – Dark Skies
05. A4 J.H. – Brighten Up
06. A5 Funk Zanta – Epicrisis
07. A6 KARLSSON – Respect The Joiner
08. A7 Der Zigeuner – Snatch (Cuts by drz)
09. A8 KROOKS – Like That YO!
10. A9 Prod. Rob – 40oz
11. A10 Bigges – One & Only
12. A11 Husmann Der Scheibenwischer – Friesnplatz
13. A12 SK12 – ClassCeleb
14. B1 Niko – Interest
15. B2 Mike Flips – About2Flip
16. B3 The Eighth – Old Tape Simulation 5
18. B5 Kapten D – youknowwhat
19. B6 Da Funkylooper – Dat Hiss Shit
20. B7 Innotic – dni
21. B8 pdjini – straight from da cellar
22. B9 KOE – Electric Boogie
23. B10 RAW Mentalitee – Head Rock
24. B11 KROOKS – Crazy FAT
25. B12 Seize – Seclusion
26. B13 Crate Crusaders – Tha Murdera
27. B14 El Jazzy Chavo – Blues Is A Woman

V.A. – キント雲 VOL. II

Also Available On: キント雲 VOL. II [CASSETTE TAPE]

キント雲 REC.
..jindu-what?!!JINDUJUN! ..flyin nimbus which is a magical, yellow cloud that serves as a way of communication. It can only be ridden by those with a pure heart and golden soul.. it carries vibes and love for those in need. Straight up representing the roots of hip-hop the jindu-click is more likely a creative collective of several music lovers, sound collage creators aka beat makers, graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists, skater, bboys and bgirls such and such.. styles may vary, but being true to their craft and art to connect, create, share knowledge and skills, learn and grow together is a necessity.. always strive and prosper by just being real and doin you! It’s ‘bout friendship and make something happen.. and most importantly havin fun, an alliance of joy – dig it!