Minnesota Cold – 4Fiends [Album] [2018]

Minnesota Cold – 4Fiends [Album]
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01. O2BP (Prod. Franky M)
02. Supply (Prod. pastel bricks)
03. 4Fiends (Prod. Low End Theory)
04. FIXXX (Prod. Bent)
05. Poutine (Prod. Drchamploo)
06. All Day (ARVO TO ME)
07. Lil Bummy (Prod. Dirty Bungalow)
08. PunchDrunk (Prod. Flying Lotus)
09. 4Uinterlude (Prod. grit)
10. 3 Cheers (Prod. Causes)
11. runningout (Prod. Je$u$)
12. November (Prod. HM Surf)
13. Menace (Prod. KMD)
14. Love Pt. 2 (Prod. MC)

Minnesota Cold – 4Fiends

Fans turned Fiends. Highlights from the porch.

Shoutout to Beattapecoop for bringing together the noise.

Recorded and Mixed by a faded MC