Seb Zillner – ZILLNER [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Seb Zillner – ZILLNER [Instrumental Album]
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01. 91202 (with Pitch 92)
02. Coastin’ (with Count Bass D)
03. Thirty One (with Handbook)
04. Shine (with Pitch 92)
05. BUR (with Feux & Kalifornia Kurt)
06. Un.Tamed (with Tony Dark)
07. That’s Love (with Dyzma)
08. Waltzing Out Of Here

Seb Zillner – ZILLNER

It’s not that Sebastian Zillner turned his back on a dozen years of formal music study – he simply combined them with his own musical philosophies to open a new jazz portal. Step through the first track on ZILLNER and discover the infectious rhythms and blended melodies that spotlight the artist’s focus on collaboration and inclusion.
Who says you can’t enhance hip-hop, soul and ethnic folk beats with a soothing jazz lead? ZILLNER does just that to deliver a unique, cohesive collection that effortlessly sweeps away life’s noise. “There are so many ways to approach jazz music,” Zillner says of his work. “I believe that when composers, musicians and producers come together from diverse genres, the art form is able to evolve and live on for generations to come.”