Pawcut – God’s Plan [Beat Tape] [2018]

Pawcut – God’s Plan [Beat Tape]
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01. Introduction
02. God’s Plan
03. Your Handsome
04. Spin Me Round (feat. Ella Mae)
05. Without You
06. Demolish
07. Smiling Shadows
08. Boombayeah
09. Shoppingbags
10. Walking In The Rain (feat. Zen-Zin)
11. Circuit
12. Base
13. Brand
14. Flic Scripts (feat. Pseudo Slang & Ramsey Judson)
15. In My Sleep
16. Welcome 2 The Club
17. Maybe Next Lifetime (feat. N-Omega & Ella Mae)
18. Sidewinder
19. Quicksilver
20. Good As Gold (feat. Zen-Zin)
21. One (For Mari)
22. Sipping Yak (feat. Dre Skuffs & Maxx Gilliam) Digibonus
23. Spin Me Round (Instrumental) Digibonus
24. Flic Scripts (Instrumental) Digibonus
25. Walking In The Rain (Instrumental) Digibonus
26. Maybe Next Lifetime (Instrumental) Digibonus

Pawcut – God’s Plan

Also Available On: [VINYL] God’s Plan LP (Limited Edition Screen-printed Covers and “White colored Vinyl”)

God’s Plan is the new solo album by Pawcut. Be prepared for the heat cause this album is full of killers. Pawcut blessed us once again with classy jazzy vibes. He invited a few friends as guests on the album with the graceful presence of Ella Mae and headnodding lyrics and raps by Zen-Zin, Pseudo Slang, Ramsey Judson, N-Omega Dre Skuffs & Max Gilliam.
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