Tom Caruana – Black Gold – Spare Nuggets [Mashup] [2018]

Tom Caruana – Black Gold – Spare Nuggets [Mashup]
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01. Apollo Kids
02. Noble Art
03. La Saga
04. Planet Of Real Words
05. Hear My Train (beat)
06. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’
07. Purple (skit)
08. Good Times (I Get High)
09. Jimi & Dirty
10. New York
11. South Saturn
12. Spring Water
13. Breaker Breaker
14. How High
15. M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN
16. One More To Go
17. Get It In
18. Special Brew / Do The Damn Thing
19. Nowhere To Run
20. Gypsy Eyes (beat)
21. Smith Bros.

Tom Caruana – Black Gold – Spare Nuggets

Whilst going through files in preparation for doing Black Gold on vinyl I found a bunch of stuff that got left off the main album, so i threw them together…super rough, quick mixes/master, i think there’s some vocals that are a bit out of time… the kind of stuff that I would do if i worked on them for longer…anyway if you like the main album this is the better of the scraps that didn’t make it onto the main album for one reason or another…enjoy!