Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness [Beat Tape]
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01. Dreams Of Nostalgia
02. Interludío
03. Dead Inside
04. Into Forever
05. Dontletmeeatu
06. Weekends For Gathering
07. You Really
08. Into The Beyond
09. Tend To Madness
10. Into Blue
11. Morning Insense

Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Lionmilk is Moki Kawaguchi:
24-year-old jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

A native of Hollyweird, he takes after
all its decaying glamour and peeling paints,
contending with an aesthetic of deterioration.

With his 3rd project DEPTHS OF MADNESS, he performs cathexis of his own crumbling mind, arranging sonic hallucinations, eviscerating time
and dreaming through nimble keys, gleefully detached from waking life.