Savvy – The Battle For Hearts & Minds [Album] [2018]

Savvy – The Battle For Hearts & Minds [Album]
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01. Intro
02. T.B.F.H.A.M
03. The Only Way I Know
04. In The Pursuit Of…
05. Change
06. The Abyss – Skit
07. Mind Over Matter
08. Climax
09. Saving Grace
10. A Warrior Knows – Skit
11. Forfeit
12. Third Ties A Charm
13. The Hour Of The Wolf (Huddwink)
14. Divine Resolution
15. Survival – Skit
16. Endurance
17. Goodnight
18. Outro

Savvy – The Battle For Hearts & Minds

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc or Limited Edition Double Vinyl

Savvy, AKA Asaviour, releases his long anticipated LP the Battle For Hearts & Minds featuring guest appearances from a range of artist & musicians DJ IQ, Aisha Zoe, Lisa Luxx, Ben Maron, Malcolm Carson, Therealdemo, Aisha Zoe, Dj Madhandz, Joh1st, Jade America, and more… In Savvy’s words: “It’s a look at the state of the world: at our battle for power, control, for sanity & clarity. “ I guess I’m questioning: what’s your battle? What are you dealing with? Why’s this the case? …The lyrics in the tracks relate to these questions in complex ways. They’re split between logic and emotion.”