Space Ghost – Endless Light [Beat Tape] [2018]

Space Ghost – Endless Light [Beat Tape]
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01. Cosmic Cave
02. Color Waves
03. Following A Vision
04. Endless Light
05. Tropical Pavillion
06. After Hours While It Rains Outside
07. Strong Heart
08. Eyes Closed
09. Peace Lily Garden (Part II)
10. Aquatic Speedway
11. Dreamer
12. Farewell Fade

Space Ghost – Endless Light

Also Available On: 180g Limited Edition Vinyl

Tartelet Records is 10. To celebrate a decade in the cut, they’re out for a home run of new material from label mainstays and fresh signings in 2018. To kick things off, the label is enormously proud to set free Endless Light –– a new record from Oakland newcomer Space Ghost.

Coming on like a brainchild to Dam Funk and Mutant Beat Dance, Ghost’s sound falls off the shelf between a number of distinct reference points: Lone’s early tropical synaesthetics; the modern funk of Funkosphere; the intimate tapes out of PPU. In a sea of Soundcloud copycats, he’s a revelation.