ClassicBeatz – Spaces In Noir [Album] [2018]

ClassicBeatz – Spaces In Noir [Album]
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01. These Rhymes (feat. John Robinson)
02. Going Home (feat. Chen Lo & CyrenYoung)
03. Without You (feat. Siaria Shawn)
04. Old Brooklyn (feat. Fresh Daily, Von Pea & Scienze)
05. I Really Do (feat. Von Pea, Denmark Vessey, John Robinson & Sixteenstone)
06. Chicagoland (feat. Sixteenstone)
07. My City (feat. Bunchy Collins)
08. It Gets Deep (feat. Fresh Daily & Phenom)
09. Walking Dead (feat. Big Rube)
10. The Tones (feat. Miles Bonny & Shhor)

ClassicBeatz – Spaces In Noir

For over a decade Producer / Pianist / Songwriter ClassicBeatz has been known for his melodic production which emphasizes soul and authenticity.

ClassicBeatz ‘s third full length album Spaces in Noir explores the themes of Pan-Africanism, love, home and space through the lense of the African Diaspora. The concept behind Spaces in Noir was inspired by ClassicBeatz’s first trip to Ghana in 2016. As an African American with deep roots in the southern United States, exploring the roots of his ancestral homeland of Ghana, West Africa had a deep impact on his worldview and served as inspiration for this project. Spaces in Noir is calls on a number of collaborations with immensely talented artists musicians like Fresh Daily, John Robinson, Miles Bonny, Denmark Vessey, Siaira Shawn and Von Pea to help bring this project to life.