Tarzan – Ninakula EP [E.P.] [2018]

Tarzan – Ninakula EP [E.P.]
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01. Le Palais
02. Chief Monkey
03. Trees Are The Key
04. Le Clan
05. Run The Bulls

Tarzan – Ninakula EP

French producer Miqi O. presents his new musical effort under the name of TARZAN.
As a human child lost in the jungle and raised by gibbons, Tarzan jump gracefuly from african percussions to blues samples, climbing on every branch of roots and tribal music : amerindian song, jungle noises, ethnic instrument, animal scream… all blended in a modern abstract-footwork-housy­-hip­hop way, in the middle of disturbed synthetizer and heavy nervous beats.
Layer one upon the other, like different stage of a subtropical forest, it’s hard to know which animal you’re going to cross on this trip, and if it’s going to be a friendly meeting. Lead by Tarzan’s yell, his wild song build the story of a naturalist expedition, making us discovering these unknown landscape.