Various Artist – Simplicity [Compilation] [2018]

Various Artist – Simplicity [Compilation]
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01. Jslikk – A1. Jslikk – Love 1 N Oother (intro) (Prod by Jslikk)
02. Donald Mayhem, Vast Aire, Infinito 2017 – A2. Donald Mayhem x Vast Aire x Infinito 2017 – Rise of the Ebony Gold (Prod by Thaione Davis)
03. Zozer, Qwazaar, Czar, Hellsent, Adad – A3. Zozer x Qwazaar x Czar x Hellsent x Adad – Devilish (Prod by 5ifth Element)
04. Iomos Marad, Thaione Davis, Profound – A4. Iomos Marad x Thaione Davis x Profound – Middleman (Prod by Thaione Davis)
05. Auxiliary Arms (L.I.F.E. Long x Masai Bey), BMS – A5. Auxiliary Arms (L.I.F.E. Long x Masai Bey) ft BMS – Power in the Palace (Prod by Mr. Chord)
06. Vic Spencer – A6. Vic Spencer – Crates (Prod by Buscrates)
07. Dj Spinna – A7. Dj Spinna – The Foundation (interlude) (Prod by Dj Spinna)
08. Thaione Davis – A8. Thaione Davis – Capers (Prod by Illsugi)
09. Dug Infinite, Bamski The Bigot, GQ the teacher – A9. Dug Infinite x Bamski The Bigot x GQ the teacher – Copycats (Prod by Dug Infinite)
10. Mordecai The Foul – A10. Mordecai The Foul – The Sun (Prod by KingBoom)
11. Neak – A11. Neak – To The Limit (Prod by Neak)
12. Truth Universal, ML7102, Rakaa Iriscience, Mr. Skurge – A12. Truth Universal x ML7102 x Rakaa Iriscience x MrSkurge – Think Black (Prod by Dj Waht)
13. 84 (Aul Purpis X Fatnice X Blaak) – B13. 84 (Aul Purpis X Fatnice X Blaak) – Right On Time Ft. Tanzania Lateef (Prod by Blaak tha 9th Mann)
14. Empee, MILK – B14. Empee X MILK – Old Man Lyrical (Prod by Cool D)
15. Infinito 2017 – B15. Infinito 2017 – Every Memory Part 1 (Prod by ILLsugi)
16. Scienz of Life – B16. Scienz of Life ft. Sidewalk Kal – Oooh (Prod by ID 4 Windz)
17. Radius – B17. Radius – Makara (interlude) (Prod by Radius)
18. The Primeridian – B18. The Primeridian – Are You Ready (Rush) (Prod by Simeon Viltz)
19. Jason Da Hater – B19. Jason Da Hater – Gene Wilder (Prod by Jason Holcomb)
20. Yarbrough, Rashid Hadee – B20. Yarbrough ft. Rashid Hadee – Wen The Time Is Right (Prod by Rashid Hadee)
21. Loer Velocity, L.I.F.E. Long, Infinito 2017, Edword Blackington, Masai Bey, Breez Evahflowin – B21. Loer Velocity x L.I.F.E. Long x Infinito 2017 x Edword Blackington x Masai Bey x Breez Eva hflowin – 7th Seal (Prod by NexMillen)
22. Supreme Leaders (Cos G x Novacane) – B22. Supreme Leaders (Cos G x Novacane) – Clap It Up (Prod by Kenny Keys)
23. 9th Scientist – B23. 9th Scientist – Throw Stones (Prod by Mannie Gee)
24. MaxPtah – B24. MaxPtah – See Things Simply (outro) (Prod by MaxPtah)

Various Artist – Simplicity

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Simplicity is a 12 inch 180 gram colored vinyl with full color cover. You heard the magnificent Culture Power 45 compilation dynamo ‘Fruition’, the CP45 crew returns with the second release in its vinyl compilation series entitled ‘Simplicity’. Dope beats and rhymes, it’s as simple as that with bangers from the likes of Dug infinite, Truth Universal, Kenny Keys, Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, 84, DJ Spinna, The Primerdian, Vic Spencer, Buscrates, Brez Evah Flowin and a host of others that will surely keep the record spinnin. Proven fact is that betting on Culture Power 45 is a simple win! #culturepower45