Lord Shongo – Lord Shongo [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lord Shongo – Lord Shongo [Beat Tape]
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01. Never Forget
02. Gore
03. Beggar (In Your Own Kingdom)
04. Living Proof Of Change
05. Eastern Sun
06. Once Upon A Time In Long Beach
07. Landscapes
08. Libra Smile
09. Ding Dong (Is There Anybody Home?)
10. Lord Shongo’s Theme
11. Tread Lightly
12. GoodWill Bliss
13. Kaweah Lake

Lord Shongo – Lord Shongo

Also Available On: Lord Shongo Limited Edition Cassette

Each track on this album was made using either an SP-404sx, Ableton Live, a Tascam Portastudio 414mk2 cassette recorder, or some combination of (2 or all 3) of these devices. The majority the bass lines that you hear were played by yours truly, live on a Fender Jazz Bass. Most of the songs were pushed beyond the 3 minute mark in an effort to push the envelope of the genre and create compositions that last longer than the normal 1 or 2 minute beats you find so often with LoFi Hip Hop. We’ve been told all of our lives that ’13’ is an unlucky number, so I chose to make this tape exactly 13 songs in an effort to focus all bad luck and negative energy upon myself. This way you, the listener, will narrowly avoid all of the turmoil and sour times that may have otherwise been coming your way. After all, what kind of Lord would I be if I didn’t (in some sort of way) sacrifice myself for the good of others?? So rest easy my children, nothing is going to cause you any harm as long as you are listening to this tape.