The I.M.F. & Lmt. Break – Grime Status [Album] [2018]

The I.M.F. & Lmt. Break – Grime Status [Album]
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01. Grime Status feat. DJ Idea
02. Golden feat. DJ Fooders
03. Light it Up feat. DJ Deeandroid & DJ Traps
04. Rap & Rock ‘n’ Roll feat. DJ Nocturnal
05. Eye Double L feat. DJ Idea
06. Matador Plankton feat. Nimsins & DJ Fooders
07. Crazy feat. Jimmy Beatz, Z-Man, Taste Nate
08. Show Love feat. DJ Fooders
09. When Dope Was Fresh feat. Roc Marciano & DJ Idea
10. Blitzkrieg
11. ’82 Beirut feat. DJ Idea
12. Crossroads feat. Nimsins

The I.M.F. & Lmt. Break – Grime Status

Also Available On: Limited edition cassette tape version of The I.M.F. & Lmt.Break’s “Grime Status” LP. Clear prison tape with blue hubs and on-body printing.
Cassette + Digital Album

The I.M.F. and Lmt. Break present Grime Status. This album shows both artists talent, I.M.F.’s lyrical skills and Lmt. Breaks in depth beats to bring you an album that defines all elements of Hip Hop. It is a timeless ode to the golden era, with respect to the DJ the arts the MC and beatbreaks for b girls and bboys to rock to. A collection of talented local hiphop DJ’s participated on this project and special guest MCs from sf to NY. A sure fire album.