Cut Chemist – Die Cut [Album] [2018]

Cut Chemist – Die Cut [Album]
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01. Metalstorm feat. Edan & Mr. Lif
02. Die Cut Intro (Interlude 1)
03. Die Cut (Theme) feat. Deantoni Parks
04. Home Away from Home feat. Laura Darlington
05. Rhythm Method feat. Myka 9
06. Moonlightin’ with Biz feat. Biz Markie
07. Work My Mind feat. Chali 2na & Hymnal
08. Prelude for a Madman feat. DNTEL
09. Madman feat. Vox Populi!
10. Energy (Interlude 2)
11. You Want It, I Got It feat. Hymnal
12. I Gotta Weapon
13. Plains
14. Plane Jane feat. Hymnal & The Precious Hectic
15. The Lift, PT. 2 (The Dream Sequence)
16. Home feat. Laura Darlington
17. Die Cut (Wrap) feat. Myka 9 & Deantoni Parks

Cut Chemist – Die Cut

Also Available On: Die Cut Double Vinyl LP or Die Cut CD

As well as being one of the ablest solo turntablists on the globe, American DJ and producer Cut Chemist (born Lucas MacFadden) was also a member of two highly rated crews: underground rap kings Jurassic 5 and the Los Angeles Latin funk band Ozomatli. His tracks have also appeared on two seminal turntablist compilations, Return of the DJ, Vol. 1 and Deep Concentration. MacFadden made an early name for himself with the L.A. rap group Unity Committee, and debuted on wax with the B-side of UC’s 1993 single “Unified Rebelution.” The track “Lesson 4: The Radio” was a tribute to and continuation of Double D and Steinski’s seminal hip-hop collage masterpiece “Lessons 1-3,” and included nods to Indeep, Bob James, Spoonie Gee, and Dan Ackroyd. Soon after the record’s release, Unity Committee came together with another group, Rebels of Rhythm, to form Jurassic 5. Cut Chemist kept quite busy with the group, contributing “Lesson 6” to the group’s eponymous EP and producing the entire record. He also delved into remixing (DJ Shadow, Liquid Liquid) and outside work (scratching for Less Than Jake; appearing with Ozomatli).