Raw Tapes – Puzzles vol. 3 [Compilation] [2018]

Raw Tapes – Puzzles vol. 3 [Compilation]
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01. Amir Bresler – Please Do
02. Sol Monk – Third Eye feat. Jenny Penkin
03. Nitai Hershkovits – Flyin’ Bamboo feat. MNDSGN
04. Mo Rayon – Icey 2
05. SIXOUNCE – Tomato Wax
06. DJ Mesh – All Night feat. Mo Rayon
07. playDead – Less Sad, More Psycho
08. Sefi Zisling – Daytime Near Calm Waters
09. Buttering Trio – Cacti Juice
10. Nomok – Time To Talk (Instrumental)
11. Kali Boog – Infinite Innit feat. Ateller
12. Yudko – So It Goes
13. Rejoicer – Dreaming Upper Body

Raw Tapes – Puzzles vol. 3

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ LP Vinyl or Digipack CD’s

This is our third compilation to be released, featuring 13 of our artists, presenting to you the most current feel of the label.

All the tracks on this album are brand new, released here exclusively.
Puzzles Vol. 1 was released on 2013, Puzzles Vol. 2 on 2014, and now, towards our 10 years anniversary which is taking place on 2018, we are releasing Puzzles Vol. 3.

This album features some of our artists, from a wide range of styles; jazz, hip hop, electronics and back.

Many of the tracks were a result of unique cooperations within the Raw Tapes family as well as without. Incredible guests such as Stones Throw artist MNDSGN, vocalist Jenny Penkin and guitar player Uzi Ramirez added some of their special vibes.