Buttering Trio – Threesome (REMIXED) [Remixes] [2018]

Buttering Trio – Threesome (REMIXED) [Remixes]
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01. Star Shroom (Oh No Remix)
02. From The Tree (Free The Robots Remix)
03. Dig Deep (TATRAN Remix)
04. The Runner (Nitai Hershkovits Cover)
05. The Runner (Suff Daddy Remix)
06. Refugee Song (Cohenbeats Remix)
07. Wait (Shuzin Remix)
08. Love In Music (Sandunes Remix)
09. Unexperienced (Asaf Shay & Nomok Remix)
10. Star Shroom (Naduve Remix)

Buttering Trio – Threesome (REMIXED)

Threesome Remixed features 10 producers from around the globe – from Mumbai, Tel Aviv, thru Berlin and all the way to L.A – bringing different twists to Buttering Trio’s ‘Threesome’.