Man Mantis – Dawn of the Def [Beat Tape] [2017]

Man Mantis – Dawn of the Def [Beat Tape]
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01.  A Few Fundamentals
02.  Theme of the Def
03.  Dead Crowd
04.  I Get Paid
05.  The Dirty Crook
06.  Harry Houdini
07.  Nothing Seems Real
08.  Fever Dreams
09.  Spiral Staircase
10.  Cellar Door
11.  Escape
12. Goddamn
13. Cohiba
14. Nobody Seems to Care

Man Mantis – Dawn of the Def

Also Available On: 2005 Original pressing of Dawn of the Def CD

Waaaay back in 2004 I decided to form a label with my then producer partner Raku Potta.

At first, we only started the label to release our own music. Somewhere along the lines we got the bright idea to open it up to other artists. We decided to name this label after the Ruger pistol that we would frequently go shooting with in between studio sessions. The name of that shiny pistol was “Loretta”.

We created a pretty basic website and convinced several local mom and pop shops to carry our music on consignment. The local college paper wrote a story on the burgeoning Madison hip hop scene and mentioned Loretta and what we were doing.

Shortly after that story came out we got an email from a young college student from Denver going to school here in Madison. His name was Mitch and he told us he was crafting an instrumental album using only his MPC, laptop and turntable. he was doing this all from this closet sized dorm room that he shared with a roommate. He wanted our help to bring this album to the masses.. His alias was Man Mantis and the album was going to be called “Dawn of the Def”.